3 Money-Saving Ways to put Video Conferencing to Work

2 April, 2019
3 min

If you think you can use video conferencing communication as a technology for interaction between two or more remote subscribers only, you’re wrong.

A video conference is set up for far-off conversations. It facilitates audio and video information exchange in real time. This means that your far-away trips with just an hour left to see the city are over.

Wanna know why?

Normally, a video conferencing solution is heavy on servers, conferencing equipment as well as communication channels. But as hardware becomes cheaper and SAAS applications are developed, the practice of video meetings is expanding. Thanks to lighter weight web-based solutions like Proficonf, online meeting experience becomes effortless and flexible.

how to save money

1. Leverage the Power of Video Meetings for any Industry

Nowadays corporate education grows as a priority tool among many companies.  Video conferencing solutions are used for onboarding, qualification improvement courses, professional skill training to name a few.

Video collaboration improves teamwork, creates additional opportunities for international projects, and allows employees to be involved in modern training programs. Online conferences are used for educational purposes using modern innovative technology, which, if properly applied, can improve learning efficiency.

Video talk solution may cut the time you spend negotiating with your prospective business partners in half.

2. Utilize web Conferencing Solution with a Benefit

With the growing amount of teleworkers video conferencing has become a key communication tool to stay on the same track with the team when working remotely.

The vast amount of growing companies that base their income mostly on sales utilize the powerful video conferencing tool to hold external meetings with sales prospects.

Web conferencing services save a great deal of time and money to companies in general:

  • employees do not have to travel for insider training sessions
  • large international conferences are often held online for a considerably reduced cost (that also saves the travel funds for company owners)
  • less human resources are necessary to hold an online meeting versus a real-time one
  • carry out interviews and onboarding sessions with newcomers through your video meeting channel
  • be flexible, yet stay on the same page with your colleagues, even if you’re out and about
  • stop depending on time and schedules, be accessible at all times.

Increased work efficiency heads to the top of the benefits list with fewer workers to be torn away from their daily duties and again – traveling commitment.

how to save money

3. Create a Flexible yet Efficient Team

The flexibility promoted by video conferencing as a part of any team’s workflow is hard to overestimate. Web conferencing eliminates every booking need or the necessity to find a site, hire waiters and a catering service to go with it.

And let’s not overlook the obvious: how much more time a real-time event will take! It literally takes minutes for attendees to log into the conference room and start communicating.

One more factor that is a clear win in any marketer’s or a sales person’s book is the wide functionality that services like Proficonf offer. Thanks to the variety of tools a speaker can use during a conference, a bigger amount of listeners are converted into prospects.

It is a well-known fact, communication quality quickly translates in dollars won or lost in business.

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When choosing a video conferencing tool, there are a few factors to consider:

  • does the tool require downloads or additional equipment?
  • does it have HD video and audio quality?
  • does the solution take care of your and your client’s data security?
  • what functionality range does it provide?

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By choosing the right video appointment tool, you are setting yourself free from time schedule obligations and being tied to a certain location. Travel wisely for business and cherish your time away from home. Communicate with Proficonf.

Stay tuned for other articles from Proficonf.

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Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf