4 Problems you Need to Solve by Introducing a Video Conferencing Platform

10 May, 2019
5 min

If you think you’re “the perfect manager” who’s got all his stuff covered, you’re wrong. Let’s look at the set of issues within your company that you did not know existed.

A solid web conferencing software can answer a much larger scope of enterprise concerns than you give it credit for: it will improve corporate call quality performance, aid your recruiting and onboarding processes, fix security vulnerabilities and enhance operational efficiency.

Once a company has set onto a stable growth direction, more and more industry professionals join your team, remote working starts to seem like a smarter option, open your mind for solutions that will not only facilitate the work process but will also help optimize your overhead costs.

In this article, you will read answers to all of the “BUTs” of the distant communication idea. You may grow closer to it in the end.

Operational efficiency complications

Operational efficiency is a key factor for literally any enterprise. There is a perception that top workplace efficacy comes with the right combination of employees, processes, and technology. Joined together they optimize your business performance and profitability.

Think about it, most entrepreneurs try to solve the operative productivity issues by means of micromanagement and time trackers. In fact, people strive to self-schedule more and more these days.

Try to not overdo it and let your employees decide when and where they want to work. Introduce a video conferencing solution that will help you Co-work with your team instead of overworking your micromanagement skills.

Define a fixed schedule for your online five minute standups, set clear deadlines and expectations for your team to keep the workflow intact and maintain a healthy discipline.

video conference

Three critical factors that help manage functional effectiveness are:

  • keeping track of your employees, proper management
  • determine the “efficiency holes”, whether it is poor workflow planning, too many leeways in the working schedule, complications in the collaboration process, and fix them
  • evaluate the overall team performance, look for bottlenecks and general issues.

Productivity and profits can be quickly boosted through a simple diagnostic of the working process. Research shows communication improvement is one way to improve both: team and individual workplace efficiency.

call quality performance

Call quality performance difficulties

Even if your PC is the latest model and you chose the best provider in town with the highest internet speed, you still may end up with poor overall video call quality.

Before picking the provider for your web conferencing services, consider a few things:

  1. free conference services may not be the quickest ones at the end of the day
  2. the paid platforms are usually much stronger technically
  3. read all the independent reviews and personal experiences with a branded provider before buying.

If you take a closer look at Proficonf, you will notice that it clearly stands out with its features:

  • HD video quality during the call
  • continuous sound, that is also timely and clear
  • capacity to host conferences with up to five hundred participants at a time
  • recording option
  • whiteboard and screen sharing capacity
  • cloud storage
  • connective adaptability system.

Employee adoption struggle

employee adoption

Are you a part of the onboarding team? What are the steps you take to make your new hire feel accepted and optimistic?

Here is a checklist on things you do with company freshmen. We hope it looks familiar:

  • prepare a company presentation and a set of instructions on how to set up corporate accounts of sorts;
  • company overview and initial introduction to the mission, key achievements, department structure, and roles;
  • workplace rules and company policies;
  • package with medical and social benefits;
  • position specific training: tools, duties, responsibilities;
  • equipment setup and training session.

As you can see there is so much on your plate when it comes to welcoming a new team member. Now let’s imagine you will have half of it off your shoulders, and another half covered with the help of an interactive communication tool?

A solid conferencing solution will help you organize the onboarding quickly and effortlessly. The ability to collaborate at any time from anywhere in the world face-to-face makes it easier to create personal connections without the traveling commitment.

Basic things you can do to help the onboarding process:

  • make your employee onboarding interactive with the set of content sharing tools;
  • establish personal contact and connect professionally with the newcomer;
  • stats say that over 11% of employees are much more effective at work if they have been on-boarded properly.

Real-Time Security Vulnerabilities Concern

security vulnerability

A video conference may be a more exciting way to spend working hours, but with all the network hacks and security breaches, may we hope for privacy at all?

Marcus J. Carey, founder, and chief technology officer at vThreat Inc., a cloud-based cyberattack simulator, claims that web-based conferencing is much more reliable than more dated solutions in means of security.

Proficonf takes the job of securing your data very seriously. We use advanced technology to protect your information and safeguard your confidentiality.

WebRTC uses the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocol for real-time data transport. This protocol is embedded by default into all browsers that support WebRTC technology. Interception and forgery are excluded within a connection encrypted with DTLS.

In addition to DTLS, WebRTC technology uses the Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) data transfer protocol to encrypt video and audio. This protocol excludes listening or viewing of IP communication (voice and video traffic) by unauthorized parties.

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A reliable video conferencing platform solves a number of issues within an organization, minus the humiliating email you have to send to your DevOps for setup help. Proficonf is a technologically advanced HD video conferencing solution that does not require downloads or setups.

Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf