4 reasons why you should start to distant learn today

2 April, 2019
4 min

By reading this piece you agree to learn what has been the massive force for positive change in modern education and why you should start an online tuition program today.

distant learning

The way humans consume information has vastly evolved for the last 20 years from textbooks and copy sheets to screen gadgets and headphones. “One size fits all” education system has grown old and no longer works as efficiently as it used to.

With today’s hectic schedules and busy lives, people do not have much opportunity to go back to school, even if they choose to do so. No matter if it is for career growth or a prospective career change. In this case, online education is the answer. The technology prevents you from stress, travel commitment, and having to go to classes every day.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important aspects that drive students all over the world towards distant learning in 2019. Listen up.

  1. The advent of high-speed interactive internet lessons (more and more students are turning to online education instead of conventional on-campus tuition);
  2. Drastically shortened human attention spans (people are becoming excessively selective with their attention);
  3. Stronger career-mindedness and career-dependency (shrinking family budgets and teenagers striving to get independent sooner in life produce much stronger entrepreneurial spirits in youngsters).

remote learning

Personal screen gadgets and widely-accessible Wi-Fi have become an integral part of today’s culture and have transformed students into mobile learners quickly. In fact, young adults have grown to wish to learn more, but when they prefer to do it.

Why online education progressively attracts more students?

Because of the rapid growth of online education, universities and colleges now focus more on the development of distance learning programs and resource placement. Breaking down basic appeal points:

  • all online course materials are equally easy to access on mobile devices and traditional PCs. Virtual classroom software like Proficonf helps facilitate instructions;
  • elevated employer demands. Getting oneself a good job has probably never been that difficult. With all the tech advancements, the requirements for educational background grow exponentially. This is why the popularity of all kinds of online courses builds up;
  • accessibility and flexibility: students can study at any time of the day and information is always there for them. Ability to take whatever time they need to fully absorb the academic material. A willing student can access the world’s greatest minds to learn from without the need for travel or become campus-bound;
  • great chance to jumpstart your career sooner. Degree programs allow you to focus on intensive study. It means you complete sooner and graduate accordingly.

It is most obvious that if you are an educational facility of any sort and have not yet placed some kind of online course offer, it is high time to do so.

Why is distant learning the next best thing though?

remote education

We could go on and on about the beauty of being at home and still studying, of the given freedom to “learn any time, anywhere”. The justified grounds to choose distant learning for both teachers and students would be:

  • you can have an unlimited amount of students doing the same course all across the world;
  • the desktop computer granted students the convenience to attend classes from a distance in the home or the workplace;
  • it is modern and convenient thanks to software that helps people in long distances exchange information (Proficonf video conference with its powerful toolset);
  • it is more affordable: most online study programs have more affordable tuition fees compared to on-campus degrees;
  • distant learning materials are optimized to allow students to access the course materials through mobile devices;
  • technology underpins every stage of online education: software renders textbooks into sound for people with vision impairment, software checks how diligent the student is;
  • access talents globally: with tuition that is not location based a student is able to reach the best of industry professionals.

Possible Challenges and Obstacles

  • the necessity to adapt established teaching methodology to the modern distant learning environment
  • students lacking the necessary basic skills and self-discipline may do better in a traditionally delivered mode of education
  • “self-paced” plan does not always work. Personalities lacking perseverance may find it hard to keep up.


If we follow the statistics behind the trend, we can see that

  • over 73% of aspirants hope for career growth after the completion;
  • 80% think online tuition is as good or equals campus-based programs;
  • 63% of schools decided to offer more online educational programs in the upcoming schooling year.

Check out the incredible choice you’ve got for online degree programs, apply and start right away! With considerable help for online communication from Proficonf, you should expect great things coming your way!

Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf