4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Integrate Video Conferencing Now

23 May, 2021
3 min

Customer interaction remains one of the most important priorities for the growth of any business!

An important part of customer interaction is the customer experience

Companies that value their customers and constantly interact are twice as profitable as those that don’t.

Recent COVID-19-induced changes in consumer behavior and expectations are forcing businesses to change their approach to customers:

  • Interaction with customers via video conferencing has increased 69% globally since the pandemic began.

This is true for business communication as well – video conferencing has become number one for business processes. Companies are training employees through video conferencing and taking every opportunity to integrate video conferencing into their sales funnels to attract and engage customers.

Below we look at ways to engage customers and the different types of video conferencing integration. How you can include video conferencing as part of your customer engagement strategy to ensure loyalty and attract attention to your business.

Integrate Video Conferencing Into Your Website For Personalized Customer Interactions

You can improve video communication with customers by integrating video conferencing into your website or app.

Communicate with customers in person, learn about their needs and give recommendations!

It makes a great sense when it comes to increasing sales and customer support! 

Video conferencing

The Proficonf Rest API and iframe will make integrating cloud-based video conferencing to your website very easy and flexible. Experiment and choose the integration that’s right for your business!

Integrate Video Conferencing with Chat Widgets to Improve Sales and Customer Support

Communicating with potential customers via video conferencing can be especially productive in the earliest stages of the buying journey! 

With video conferencing, a live communication effect is achieved. 

Especially since more and more customers prefer to make purchases remotely and they need consultations.

video conferencing

With Proficonf Rest API and iframe you can easily integrate video conferencing into your existing customer interaction processes. For example, with chat widgets such as HelpCrunch or Intercom.

Organize Training Programs and Learn More About Your Customers

Sure, you can create a recorded video that introduces customers to your product. 

But a live event provides customers with the opportunity to participate in the process, ask questions in real-time, and get feedback! 

This greatly increases brand loyalty!

Video conferencing

With Proficonf Rest API and iframe you can easily host a training event for your customers or employees on your website.

Share knowledge, talk about your products and engage your customers – this will improve customer experience and brand engagement! 

Don’t forget to hold a series of training events – this will help keep knowledge and increase customer loyalty!

Host Video Conferences and Webinars for Large Audiences

You can use Proficonf Live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Restream, or your own RTMP server. 

Live streaming

Invite speakers into the Proficonf virtual room to demonstrate any content and presentations, and an unlimited number of viewers will be connected to a live stream of your event.


The main goal of any business is customer experience and profit! 

The integration of Proficonf video conferencing on your website, app or chat widget will help improve customer interaction and lead to a successful purchase of your product!

If you have any questions about integrations, please write to the support chat or email vladimir@proficonf.com and our specialists will be happy to help you.