6 reasons why your key employees want to leave and how to retain them with video conferencing

1 April, 2019
3 min

According to a global survey by PGI, over 60% of currently employed office workers claimed to would have left their jobs for the sake of a remote position.

A successful manager is about to master a set of practical ways to build and maintain a positive working philosophy within the company: utilize video conferencing, 5-minute online stand-ups, you name it. Whatever works to retain the most valuable employees.


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Why do corporate authorities as well as employees choose to work remotely in the first place?

Having studied the stats on the subject, we want to set the most significant points out:

  • productivity boost

Telecommuters stated their productivity as being at 7.7 out of 10, while cubicle employees claim their KPI being left just around 6.5.

  • efficiency drive

The number of people working from home increased by a fifth in the last 10 years. Those, favoring remote work advocate for higher efficacy levels persistently.

  • lower stress levels

76% of people surveyed claimed they wish to avoid stress and wish to escape dealing with noisy co-workers.

  • decreased real estate and travel cost

82% of employees interviewed mentioned they would stay at their current workplace longer if their top management was more flexible, allowing for remote working days. On top of that, the significance of operating cost decrease due to hiring more remote workers is an undeniable fact. Looking at a few real-life examples: Aetna shed almost three million square feet of office space, saving at least eighty million USD with one-third of telecommuters on the payroll. American Express spared over ten million USD thanks to its remote work options.

  • greater employee engagement

Half of the remote workers attest to better overall working ability and mood when working from home as opposed to working from the head office.

Modern operating spaces require the latest technological tools for professional efficiency support. Video conferencing tools like Proficonf are an easy still highly technologically advanced way to stay in touch with your remote colleagues and maintain the appropriate workflow. Being able to stay active and connect from anywhere, even with poor connection is key for proper professional performance.

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The modern working environment has changed vastly through great technological advancements during the last five years. The days of strict shifts and cubicles are long gone now.

Having remote colleagues working from their homes or from greater distances are no longer a surprise. Actually, working away from your office is going into fashion these days.

Some time ago remote working had a bad name: slacking, cutting work, sick leave lies.

Dealing with teleworkers

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Nowadays, when video conferencing has gotten to be so accessible and so common, there is no use struggling with it. Embrace it willingly. If you’re challenged with the prost=pects of having to manage remote workers, try to use a few tips:

  • set up clear communication code

If you’re working from home or a coworking space, it is easy to let regular work communication to fall by the wayside. Establish a communication channel and keep the information flow with each co-worker a routine.  

  • make sure your co-workers understand workflow principles

Do not let the work on the project to be bottlenecked by miscommunication issues within the team. There is a wide variety of tools that can help you and your staff out, considering you’re working far away from one another.

  • keep 15-minute standups regular

Humans are creatures of habit. Make sure you have a schedule and you’re keeping up with it. Create online meetings regularly (once daily for instance). Keep them short and sweet.

  • do not skip one-on-ones

While team spirit is important, do not lose a personal connection with your co-workers. One on one meetings may help them share insights with you they felt awkward sharing during a group call.

  • organize regular real-time meetups

Nothing makes a better working process than a good time out as a team. In-person meetings will help the bonds between co-workers build quicker and grow stronger.

There are at least a few dozen tips more to add on here. We could go on and on.

If you are a remote worker, share some of your tips with us. How do you stay closely connected to your staff when working from a far away cabin? Do not want to miss our next blog post? Stay tuned and subscribe to Proficonf Facebook Community.

Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf