Benefits of Live Streaming for Your Business

21 March, 2021
3 min

Live streams are a very important tool for promoting personal brand or product. 

Why are the Live Streams Trending?

First of all, by using live streaming, you build and strengthen contact with your audience. It’s not just contact, but trust in you. Unlike a video or a post, you can’t put on a mask and be someone else on a live stream. You’re real during the live stream, and that’s what gets people!

What are the Business Benefits of Live Streams?

Live streams are useful for:

  • Creating a relationship of trust with your audience is the level at which people recognize you personally, read more posts and join your groups.
  • A unique and quick way to share your expertise.
  • Live streams affect sales. Because we choose personality first, and then the services.
  • Systematic streaming on interesting topics makes you popular, there is an organic influx of subscribers and clients.
  • Live streams with several speakers are a great opportunity to interact with experts and bloggers.
  • The possibility of conducting streams simultaneously in different social networks and thus in a single ether to reach several sites and a huge number of people.
  • Airtime is a pump of oratory skills. The ability to communicate unprepared and improvise during the performance.
  • Creating and strengthening your personal brand with a minimum budget.
  • A powerful new trend in the modern world.

Important Tips for Live Streaming

Is it easy to speak on camera, to remember the text, to talk about complicated themes in simple words and to look natural at the same time?

There are some important rules that will help you with live streams:

  • Think well about the purpose of the ether and the expected outcome.
  • Find somewhere quiet and turn off the notifications.
  • Find an important idea of the examples and facts you will use.
  • Be humble – use simple words and sentences.
  • Record your performance on camera several times until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Consistency is the way to succeed, conduct live streams, and strive for perfection.

Choice of Tools for Live Streaming


Use Proficonf for professional live streams.

Of course, at the very beginning, you can conduct live streams with a webcast function on Facebook, or YouTube. 

But if you need to show a presentation or various files, interact with multiple speakers, or simultaneously stream on multiple social networks, use professional tools for streaming.

Proficonf is highly recommended when you don’t want to explore, configure and spend the resources of your device, you need to interact with two or more active speakers or stream on multiple social media networks simultaneously. It’s a great idea to just run a few clicks and show you what you need.

Multistreaming is very convenient because you won’t need to repeat the same information many times. You can invite a guest to your live and stream through Proficonf everywhere, covering all your social media.



Through live streams, you can “sell” yourself as a specialist in your sphere. Yeah, it takes a while, but it surely takes a whole route from student to specialist. 

If you are just starting out in the online world, check the “Live Streaming” checkmark on your plan.

Daria Afanasieva