Best Alternative to Zoom Meetings in 2022

14 March, 2022
2 min

Facing problems with Zoom and other traditional video conferencing solutions? Congratulations, your search is successful!

Proficonf is a great alternative to Zoom for video conferencing, meetings, webinars, e-learning, and live streaming.

We’ve put together easy-to-use ​​and effective productivity tools like screen sharing, a built-in Whiteboard, embedded Miro board, integrated YouTube video, downloading and demonstrating any files and presentations by host and participants in one place. Proficonf works in all popular web browsers, including Android and iOS mobile devices without downloading apps.

Zoom is not a universal solution for video conferencing and has lots of negative feedback from users including complaints about the difficult web interface, the need to download the app for all participants, security issues, etc.

Zoombombing complaints are especially frequent, when unknown participants enter the virtual room and start trolling, etc. Very often the host can’t figure out how to remove or block this person. It seems Zoom has issues with this.

Below we will consider the benefits and disadvantages of each platform.

Comparison of Proficonf vs Zoom

General features

Proficonf and Zoom comparison table
Proficonf and Zoom comparison table

 Plans and  subscriptions

Proficonf and Zoom comparison table

Demonstration and collaboration

Proficonf and Zoom comparison table

  Live streaming features

Proficonf and Zoom comparison table

Watch the short video tutorial on Proficonf and appreciate how it is simple and user-friendly.

A few important reasons to choose Proficonf: 

  • 100% browser-based, no software downloads.
  • Inviting participants by link or email.
  • Build-in Miro board and Whiteboard.
  • Live streaming and Multistreaming.
  • Display YouTube videos.
  • Workspace for the company, unlimited meetings, and hosts.
  • Embedding on websites and apps via REST API and iframe API, full customization.

For every new Workspace with a business email, we provide $25 to try all Proficonf features, including integrations. Don’t miss your chance! Become one of the thousands of successful companies that use Proficonf.

Feel free to book a quick demo call if you have questions about integrations and embedding.

Try Proficonf – the best alternative to Zoom.