Best Video Conferencing API for Online Marketplaces

4 June, 2021
5 min

Due to global digitalization, more and more companies are going online and have fundamentally changed their business processes. 

The pandemic has accelerated the change to working remotely, which has resulted in the development of various platforms for team collaboration, online consultations, e-learning, engagement, and customer interaction. 

All that these areas have in common is the need to provide high-quality video communication on a website or app. 

Best Examples of Video Conferencing Integrations in the Global Marketplace

The video conferencing software industry is growing rapidly and many venture capital funds are actively funding it because video communication is used for a wide variety of purposes.

Online Сonsulting Platforms

The niche of online consulting is expanding and no one is surprised by online coaching or mentoring anymore. It goes without saying that modern platforms must have high-quality audio and video to be able to conduct consultations in real-time. Conducting consultations on your site builds customer trust and increases the quality of the client’s experience.

Telemedicine Platforms

The use of cloud-based videoconferencing solutions integrated into a medical site is not new, but telemedicine has become particularly popular during the pandemic. It allows health care specialists to evaluate, diagnose and care for patients from any location using telemedicine technology. 


Telemedicine includes:

  • Remote doctor-patient consultations.
  • Health education services (prevention).
  • Remote monitoring of vital functions or blood pressure.
  • Live streams of surgeries, consultations.

Online Learning

E-learning platforms, through integration with video conferencing systems, have become accessible, interactive and can provide education to any number of participants in a parallel process, no matter where they are located. Some examples of successful integration of video conferencing into online learning platforms are Skyeng and Preply.

Call Сenters and Сustomer Support 

Let’s face it: when we do our best, our users can’t always figure out how to use certain features, or can’t get a full understanding of difficult products. Sure, an email or support call is a great way to go. But with video communication and screen sharing, all questions are resolved in a matter of minutes!

Virtual Workspaces

During the pandemic, virtual workspaces have become hugely popular. It’s a great way to bring a team together and increase productivity. One of the key tools for employee communication is a built-in high-quality video conferencing platform!


CRM Integrations 

Integration of cloud-based video conferencing into sales funnels is a must-have! With the video call and presentation tools, marketers and sales can quickly demonstrate all the benefits of a product or service.

Real Estate Platforms

With an integrated video conferencing system into a platform that provides real estate services, the process of choosing a home or apartment is greatly simplified. Realtors conduct real-time consultations and answer client questions. Screen demonstrations or downloaded files will help conduct a virtual video tour and show all the advantages of a particular property.

What Software to Choose for Video Conferencing Integration? 

When it comes to integrating video conferencing into your site or app, a few options immediately come to mind:

  • Use Zoom video conferencing API.
  • Deploy an outsourced solution, such as Jitsi Meet, on your server.
  • Integrate a cloud-based solution that works in browsers.

There are a lot of nuances to consider when choosing software!

For example, when you integrate Zoom video conferencing, you should remember that the system offers a license for only one host and it is not possible to conduct a simultaneous number of parallel video meetings. 

And if you have thousands of clients and simultaneous video calls, do you need to buy a separate license for each? That is a fortune!  

Another big disadvantage of the Zoom integration is that there is no possibility to run video conferences on your site, you can only schedule it. Security issues and the installation of the application make you wonder if this solution is worthwhile.

zoom videoconference

In the case of deploying open source solutions to your server, like Jitsi Meet, it may seem so easy and clean. 99% of business owners think so – install the program and use it!

But as the user base grows, there are a lot of problems and additional costs. To support a large number of customers requires an additional number of servers, spread all around the world to provide quality video communications, which have to be paid for, set up, and maintained. 

In addition, the infrastructure must work continuously 24/7, which makes system upgrades and maintenance very difficult. Also, with time, you will need to modify this product to suit your needs, which is a significant additional cost.


In the end, the support and maintenance of this system are very expensive, considering the salaries of the developers and DevOps, plus the cost of maintaining the servers. 

The best solution today is to integrate cloud-based video conferencing systems like Proficonf, which work in browsers and provide access to all the features. 

Proficonf Video Conferencing Integration

Proficonf is software for video conferencing, webinars, and live streaming that works in all popular browsers. It allows you to host various online events with up to 250 participants and large conferences by using the live streaming option.

It has features such as:

  • A screen, program window, and browser tabs sharing.
  • Built-in whiteboard for collaborative work.
  • Integration with the Miro virtual whiteboard.
  • Integration and display of YouTube videos.
  • Upload and display various files.
  • Video recording and auto-recording.
  • Live streaming and Multistreaming.
  • Group chat.
  • Manage roles and devices for participants, management of participants.
  • A page for redirecting participants after a conference.
  • Customer support.
Proficonf video conferencing

Especially for Proficonf video conferencing integration via Rest API, iframe and SDK we are developing a Business Account where the organizer can assign any number of hosts for simultaneous events. 

The Business Account provides access to all resources for the organizer and hosts. The price is based on payment for the resources used in the events.

The cost of the conference:

  • $0.003/participant per minute.

Video Recording:

  • HD quality $0.01 per minute.
  • FullHD quality $0.018 per minute.

Live streaming for one service:

  • HD quality $0.01 per minute.
  • FullHD quality $0.018 per minute.

File Storage:

  • 10 GB storage included.
  • $0.00167 per GB per day for additional storage.

All features like screen sharing, collaborative whiteboard, Miro board, YouTube video and file sharing, role management, and participant device management are provided in full, at no additional charge. Also, we provide user support.

Business owners do not need to think about scaling and supporting video conferencing infrastructure, and additional features. With Proficonf video conferencing integrations, you can focus on developing your product and save your budget and nervous system!

For Proficonf video conferencing integrations, schedule a quick consultation with a technical specialist or email us at