How to save billions of dollars and our planet at the same time?

28 May, 2019
4 min

Eco-conscious companies are implementing the low-carbon business approach by cutting out corporate travel and replacing it with video conferencing  

Carbon Disclosure Project is a non-profit charity founded over 15 years ago that focuses on drawing attention to the prevention of global climate change. The initiative claims that accessing the low-carbon economy by governments, companies, and communities of simple people may help to keep global temperature rises low.

Upon reviewing all of the troubling CDP Reports, the organization has revealed that implementation of video conferencing solutions in corporate offices worldwide could very well cut us the hazardous CO2 emissions by almost 6 million metric tons. Stats say that if the transition is successful, the global economy may achieve considerable financial benefits, that will come down to almost 20 million US dollars by the following year.

What does it take to cut back on CO2 exactly?

From a climatological point of view, high CO2 emissions, leading to an increase in the content of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, are the main cause of global warming.

Since businesses will have to cut back forcefully in both directions to reduce GHG emissions, the strong suggestion is provided to make an attempt to replace all the corporate traveling there is (and if possible) with internet telecommunication technology.

And indeed, replacing travel with video calls is a promising and expedient solution.

The film “Up in the air” is a clear confirmation that the Internet video conference is a necessary and much more efficient tool for the future.

Research on CO2 Emission Reductions

Video conferencing solutions are well depicted in the light of CO2 emission problem in research called “The Telepresence Revolution”.

After all, video conferencing via the Internet grants you freedom. Freedom of choice, independence from distances and weather conditions, the ability to do everything in the shortest possible time.

Plan your timing and enjoy life every day. Note, the price of a video conference compared to the cost of travel is a minimal fraction.

In addition, you can create video conferences over the Internet for free, if you do not need industry-specific web video conferencing with a large number of users on video.

Try video conferencing and become the master of your time and location!

Besides improving your work-life balance, video conferencing solutions aid the decision-making process by speeding it up, improve productivity. Most importantly they deprive your employer of a number of business-travel related expenses.

Business-stats say that companies with over a billion dollars revenue per year can contribute substantially from the implementation of several telecommunication rooms:

  • grow their ROI in a little more than a year
  • avoid expense for almost a thousand business trips for their employees
  • in five years they can reduce emissions by almost 2300 tons.

The “passenger car equivalent” seems minuscule in comparison and equals removing 435 personal automobiles from use for 12 months.

After the initial 15 famous adopters of telepresence technology applied the system, the model for ROI calculation was presented to the public and carbon emissions/reductions could be determined.

Technology Leads the way

Once the data became public, the obvious reality followed: companies have commenced growing their technical backgrounds increasingly.

Video conferencing has quickly grown to become a fast and easy way to improve business ROI, reduce travel costs and CO2 emissions all over the world. Considering that almost every human on planet Earth in 2019 has a personal portable gadget, the utilization of video conferencing is extremely accessible.

If the company chooses to leverage the power of services like Proficonf, it aims to:

  • conduct the business in a smarter, easier, more sustainable manner
  • reducing environmental footprints increasingly impacting the global climate.

IOT is full of new technological video conferencing startups coming up. With the advent of solutions like Proficonf and other ways how video talk is getting into our lives, video conferencing solution is soon to become a rule rather than a choice for a contemporary company. A company that wants to share the Green values, try to save Mother Earth and try to do business in a more eco-friendly, easy, cheap, lower CO2 manner.

How does the eco-friendly approach translate into net numbers?

Implementing a web conferencing solution is not just about a cheaper way of meeting up on the daily with your team members. It is also a smarter way of doing standups. Imagine being deprived of all the fuss about two times per week meetings: having to travel to the head office, dressing up, sparing time during a working day for the trip and getting ready, printing out spreadsheets and diagrams for the colleagues to view. Imagine replacing those numerous things with a simple tabletop setup, a couple of presentations ready and waiting on your desktop PC and a Proficonf conference link ready to be sent. Or! If you’re smart – get your permanent link ready for your guests.

Each of us must know at least a couple of people who fly very frequently for work. Consider becoming a negotiating advocate for video conferencing, explain all the merits and benefits of having much more free time. With the right solution for online meetings implemented, your business life will become easier, filled with more “me-time” and most of all – it will not leave a carbon footprint on the surface of the planet.

Just imagine at least every third company to stop sending their employees on the corporate flights! Once industries choose to invest in carbon-cutting technology and reshape their business routines, how much change would that bring!

Telepresence and transition to a low-carbon economy are able to change our lives for the better at least. Besides, that video conferencing will bring more ease into your everyday routines. Every business will eventually feel the immense financial benefits from doing so as soon as in nine months post-implementation.


Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf