Videoconferencing with participant management

Be in control

Proficonf enables you to host a conference with up to 1000 participants at the same time. Obviously, it’s hard to watch over so many people, with every other one wishing to add their two cents on the subject. Next thing you know, your conference has turned into plain chaos. You’re lucky to have Proficonf with its comprehensive tool for discussion flow management.

Get the control today!

Be in charge

With great power comes great responsibility. Becoming a conference host means accepting the whole package that comes with. The host has the privilege to mute one participant, all participants, he can block their camera. Be a great host and make sure your conference will go flawlessly.

Use your power wisely.

Request to turn on the microphone/camera

There are times when there are so many participants that there’s no point to have everyone turned on their camera and microphone. As a host, you are able to ask any your confidant to step in and start contributing to the discussion. You may send the instantaneous request to turn on participant’s micro or camera

Assign the roles

Everyone appreciates help. Let’s be honest, you could use some while managing a video conference! With Proficonf you have the power to assign different roles to every participant. There are four available, each one having its own capacity range: host, moderator, speaker and participant. Being a well-organized host that you are, send instant requests to people you want to step in and speak up.

Try how the role of a host fits you, get registered with Proficonf!

More features

Save your time

With Proficonf smart web-based solution you don’t need to download or install anything. It works in your browser

Enjoy your privacy

Proficonf is based on cutting-edge security protocols. Rest assured, your data is safe

Share everything you want to share

With Proficonf you can share your screen, files, videos, audio, slide presentations or whiteboard. Simultaneously.