No downloads or installations

With Proficonf you can forget about downloading and installation various shady files in order to start a conference. Everything you need - assuming you have all the devices of course, such as microphone and webcam - is browser and internet. Just click the link and immediately join the conference

Supported OS

Proficonf supports every OS you can imagine: Windows, Android, various versions of Linux, Mac OS. Even iOS supported with a native application. The only thing is matters is a browser

Supported browsers

We recommend using Chrome browser to get the best video conferencing experience. However, Proficonf supported by the most popular browsers, e.g. Mozilla, Edge, Opera. The main requirement is the turning on JavaScript. But please keep in mind that you may face limited functionality with using other browser than Chrome

More features

Pre-register your guest

Pre-register your guests so they won’t need to do it by themselves

Save your best moments

Record your conference in whole or in part in HD up to 1080p

Share everything you want to share

With Proficonf you are eligible to share your screen, any files, videos, audio, slide presentations or even whiteboard while you are conferencing