No downloads or installations

With Proficonf you can forget about the traditional routines of using a new software. No foreign files on your PC, no installations required to start your conference right away. Your browser and Internet connection are the only two things you need.

Just click the link and join the conference right away!

Supported OS

Proficonf supports every Operating System there is: Windows, Android, various versions of Linux, Mac OS. Proficonf has an iOS app ready to install as well. The only thing that matters is your browserProficonf supports every OS you can imagine: Windows, Android, various versions of Linux, Mac OS. Even iOS supported with a native application. The only thing is matters is a browser.

Supported browsers

We recommend using Chrome/Opera to get the best video conferencing experience. If you prefer Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer, that’s fine too. We do not guarantee conference performance stability though.

Proficonf strongly recommends using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera in order to get the most out of your conference.

More features

Be in control

Make your conference go as smooth as possible with four roles at your disposal

Save your best moments

Record the full conference or the episodes in HD

Share everything you want to share

With Proficonf you can share your screen, files, videos, audio, slide presentations or whiteboard. Simultaneously.