Video Conferencing Recording

Relive your best moments

What’s the point in a video conference without the recording option? Whether you’re having fun with your friends or holding a business discussion with your colleagues, you may find the ability to come back and rewatch some of it useful. Now you can!

Use Proficonf and record your best moments!

Rewatch your conference in High Definition

As you may already know, Proficonf conferencing solution provides the best video quality performance. What you may not yet know is that you can rewatch your conference in HD format.

Enjoy your best moments in High-Tech mode!

Record up to 24 hours

Some conferences may last a really long time, especially the business kind ones. No interruption is expected or welcome. That’s when Proficonf feature comes up. You can record limitless amount of 24 hour increments.

Take advantage of 24 continuous recording hours with Proficonf.

Auto start recording

Imagine having gone half way through the meeting just to recall you forgot to push the Record button up top! Don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. Tape and save every waking minute of your conference with Proficonf Auto start recording (available only in Premium membership with scheduled events). Recording starts automatically by default, but you can turn it off.

Use Proficonf and don’t be afraid to forget things!

More features

Enjoy your best videoconferencing experience

Adaptive telecommunication technology lets you experience the highest video quality there is

Be in control

Make your conference go as smooth as possible with four roles at your disposal

Save your time

With Proficonf smart web-based solution you don’t need to download or install anything. It works in your browser