Recording videoconference

Relive your best moments

What’s the point of video conferencing without the possibility to record and rewatch it again? Whether you are having fun with your friends or having a serious business discussion with your colleagues, you may find useful the ability to come back in time and watch part of your conversation again. And now it’s possible! Use the Proficonf and record your best moments!

Rewatch your conference in FullHD

As you may already know, Proficonf provides the best quality of video in the conference. But you may not know that now you are able to rewatch your conference in FullHD (1080p) format with the premium version or in HD (720p) with a free account. Enjoy your best moments with High-Tech style!

Record up to 8 hours

Some conferences may last a really long time, especially in business conferences or negotiations. It wouldn’t be really comfortable to ask participants to hold on, while you restart recording since you don’t want to miss anything. And we took care of it, so now you can to record your conference up to 8 hours in a row with no breaks! Start using Proficonf and record your whole conference, not pieces of it

Auto start recording

Even the most pedantic person may forget to do the most obvious stuff. It’s one of the memory’s job - to forget. If we will not forget anything, it won’t be long enough until we fill our memory capacity. Imagine, how stressful it will be if you will forget to record an important conference. Fortunately, we always got your back. That’s why recording is turned on by default! Use the Proficonf and don’t be afraid to forget things

More features

Enjoy your best videoconferencing experience

Technology of the adaptive telecommunication gives you the opportunity to experience the highest quality of video as possible

Be in control

Make your conference to go as smooth as possible with 4 available roles

Save your time

With Proficonf’s web-based solution you don’t need to download or install any software. Everything works straight from your browser!