Videoconferencing security & privacy

Be safe

Privacy and security is our main priority. Nowadays people dealing recklessly with their private data, that’s why there are so many hackers who are trying to steal data which doesn’t belong to them. We are using up-to-date cryptographic protocols alongside with commonly used best practice to ensure your utter safety

Secure your data with TSL-protocol

One of the many safety measures we are using to ensure the safety of your data is the cryptographic TSL-protocol. TSL-protocol is the international standard cryptographic protocol which is considered as the safest protocol at this moment by Internet Engineering Task Force. For now, you won’t be able to find a more safe and reliable cryptographic protocol in the web, therefore you can be sure that your data shall not be obtained by the unwanted person

Be cool with WebRTC

For video and audio communications, we are using WebRTC protocol with a good deal of proprietary groundwork. WebRTC is the open source protocol to exchange the media data. Notice that data is always encrypted in sophisticated ways and exchange going on only with HTTPS served websites. If, for instance, we wouldn’t have HTTPS served the website, we wouldn’t be able to use WebRTC protocol service

More features

Save your time

With Proficonf’s web-based solution you don’t need to download or install any software. Everything works straight from your browser!

Pre-register your guest

Pre-register your guests so they won’t need to do it by themselves

Save your best moments

Record your conference in whole or in part in HD up to 1080p