Videoconference Security and Privacy

Treat your privacy carefully

People tend to handle personal information so carelessly these days. Regrettably, we’ve got accustomed to hearing about hacked personal and corporate accounts. Proficonf is using up-to-date cryptographic protocols alongside cutting-edge technology to ensure your utter safety.

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Secure your data with TSL-protocol

One of the many safety measures Proficonf implements to ensure your data protection is the TSL-protocol. TSL-protocol is the international standard cryptographic protocol. Internet Engineering Task Force-approved, this data transmission method is a top-notch solution for companies dealing with private accounts of all sorts.

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Be cool with WebRTC

Proficonf uses WebRTC protocol with a good deal of our own developed add-ons for video and audio transmission. WebRTC is an open source protocol for media data exchange. Pay attention: data that is being transferred during a conference is well-encrypted. Information exchange happens only between the sites that support HTTPS. If the security of the connection is compromised, WebRTC protocol cannot be used.

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More features

Save your time

With Proficonf smart web-based solution you don’t need to download or install anything. It works in your browser

Save your best moments

Record the full conference or the episodes in HD

Share everything you want to share

With Proficonf you can share your screen, files, videos, audio, slide presentations or whiteboard. Simultaneously.