Videoconferencing sharing center

Share everything you want to share

Communication is a  process which implies sharing. When you are speaking with your friend, you are sharing your thoughts and emotions. Using Proficonf, you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly with the help of images, text and sound. Proficorn gives u the ability to share any file you have on your device or even on the cloud. Try it

Share the screen

Do you want to help some of the older folks with the PC issues? Or maybe you want to teach someone how to do something? Or maybe you want to share some bug with your colleague? This and many more could be successfully achieved with Proficonf. Share your screen whenever you want with whomever you want

Share slide presentations

Everyone loves presentations. If you need to get your point across, there hardly could be a better way than using a presentation with nice diagrams and pictures. With Proficonf you will be able to share your - or anyone else’s - presentation with two clicks. Even more, you could scale any slide you want, making annotations and many more

Share media content

Besides presentations, Proficonf gives you the opportunity to share any media content you desire. You want to organize an early screening of your video, demonstrate people your music or show your colleagues video from youtube? Now it’s as easy as apple pie. And don’t worry about mistiming - all media files are synchronizing to make sure that every participant will be at the same place


Sometimes you need to prove your point or explain some difficult concept, but you haven’t prepared a presentation for it. It’s not a problem for you anymore. With Proficonf you will have control over the whiteboard, with all the necessary tools. You can draw freely, like you are holding a pencil, or you able to draw simple geometrical figures with a big choice of colours, scale your picture and so on. Take advantage of every tool to make a point


More features

Enjoy your best videoconferencing experience

Technology of the adaptive telecommunication gives you the opportunity to experience the highest quality of video as possible

Be in control

Make your conference to go as smooth as possible with 4 available roles

Enjoy your privacy

Proficonf based on the most up-to-date security protocols, so you can be sure that your data is safe