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Share everything you want to share

Communication implies sharing. Proficonf allows you to utilize a wide range of file sharing capacities within a conference: images, text and sound. Chances you are conveying your idea to the listeners full-scale are greater. Leverage the full potential of your media files, whether on your PC or in the Cloud, and share them now in a Proficonf conference. You can easily share a music track with your guests, an early screening of your video, some Youtube content, and many more.

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Share the screen

Screen sharing is the most convenient way to get on the same page quickly. It adds a strong imaging component to any conference call. Participants can come together around the same visual during the call. Not only does screen sharing help the comprehension process, it facilitates interpretation as well. 

Share slides with diagrams, graphs, charts and spreadsheets in two clicks.

Share slide presentations

Everyone loves presentations. If you need to get your point across, there could hardly be a better way than using a presentation with a set of diagrams and images.

With Proficonf you’re able to share a presentation in two clicks. What’s more, you can scale any slide you want, make annotations, and many more.

Share media content

Apart from presentations, Proficonf also gives you the opportunity to share any media content you desire. Organize an early screening of your video, playback a music track or show a video from youtube to your colleagues!

All media files are being synchronized, so no one misses a thing.

Share your thoughts

Let your viewers watch you draw as you go about your report. Proving your point and explaining a complicated concept has just gotten easier. Use your imagination and draw freely. With Proficonf you will have control over the whiteboard and every tool necessary.

Take advantage of every one of them to communicate your idea!

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Adaptive telecommunication technology lets you experience the highest video quality there is

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Proficonf is based on cutting-edge security protocols. Rest assured, your data is safe.