How to become one of the Proficonf blog authors

2 December, 2020
2 min

We strive to make our blog as useful and entertaining as possible for our readers. In the blog you will find interesting and expert information about video conferencing and webinars, useful briefcases for remote work, online learning, and so much more.

Let us explain why you need to think about writing a guest post for our blog.

What’s it and what is it for?

Guest Post is an article written and published by one of the site visitors. It’s simple: you write an interesting article, add personal links and we publish the material in the Proficonf blog, thus advertising you absolutely free. 

Guest author – expert, blogger, copywriter, or just a human being who wants to share an opinion or experience, has something to say.


What’s the benefit for you?

  • getting known for writing
  • posting personal links
  • your brand development
  • ever-increasing traffic.

Then what is the benefit for us?

  • enriching our collection of unique publications
  • attracting new users
  • getting high-quality content
  • regular updates in our blog.

What topics can I write about?

Relevant topics:

  • videoconferencing
  • webinars
  • remote work cases
  • online learning
  • surveys, statistics and research
  • video technology
  • public speeches
  • live streams
  • lifehacks, useful tips for hosting events online.

Article requirements:

  • text uniqueness at least 90%
  • author’s expertise in the topic
  • illustrations with links to the source 
  • well structured: there is a title, paragraphs, sections 
  • has never been published on any other resources.

Which articles will not suit us:

  • advertising articles 
  • boring and useless articles
  • rewritten existing publication
  • plagiarism, non-unique content.

How to Write in Proficonf Blog

To become our author, send an email to Don’t forget to mention in the subject of the letter “Guest Post” as well as to describe the main ideas of your article. 

The best way to share an article is in Google Docs. If needed, you have to be prepared for coordinated editing. We reserve the right to make amendments before publication.

If your topic does not correspond to one of the above, but you think it might be interesting – don’t hesitate to write to us.

We are looking forward to receiving interesting ideas and articles!

Daria Afanasieva