How to Double Your Sales Using Video Conferencing?

1 April, 2019
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Claim #1: salesmen worship online meetings

Successful salesmen have been integrating video conferencing tools into their sales process for some time now. The reason for that could seem obvious to some, but so many have dropped using phones for sales once and for all.

Emails and phone calls are much less efficient from the persuasion perspective.

An average email – the least rich way to communicate – holds 50% potential to render the tone correctly. Video conferencing is bridging the gap between a salesperson agenda and how the message is delivered, humanizing “that sales rep from my email”.

The sheer fact that you two are talking and are seeing each other’s face is the ultimate way to establish trust. Concentrate on building positive credit with your prospect, gain his fellowship. This may look like a basic piece of advice, but you’ll see it works a treat.

In fact, Frost & Sullivan research claims the 30% potential growth for global web conferencing market by 2020. Web-based conferencing has grown so convenient and easy to access that up to 45% of regular conference users participate in a web-based video conference at least once a week now.

Sales representatives use web conferencing software in their daily lives to connect with their clients and stay on top of the trend as well as optimizing their skill to what technology has to offer.

A prospect and a salesperson can make time and take a deeper look into the product or service, figure out what is the problem they are trying to solve and most of all – concentrate on the real-time face to face interaction via a simple video conference.

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Claim #2: it works every time

The following tips will serve a basic guide to a persistent salesperson who is willing to succeed.

Prepare for the video-meeting first:

  • make an appointment. Make sure you create an event in a calendar app and synch it with your prospect’s email address. This way you and him will both be able to adjust the right time and date as well as track the closeness of the meeting;
  • make sure you inform your prospect or lead about your agenda, the questions you are bringing to the table and the goal you will pursue;
  • include a link to the web-conference into the invite and make sure you point out that it is a video meeting, so it was no surprise for the client;
  • provide your prospect with a leeway to decide on the time that is convenient for him. Then adjust your schedule around it;
  • prepare a short script to assure things go the way you prefer them to go. It is easy to have your business agenda go by the wayside during a live chat video session with a customer, especially if you connect and rapport right away. As much as an empathic connection is important during a sales one-on-one, sticking to your plan is crucial to complete your greater business goal and solve your client’s challenges.

Claim #3: you will inevitably score a sell

There are several video conferencing functionality options that impact the communication as well as sales process immensely:

  • use visuals to present the product (whiteboard, screen sharing, built-in video player, slides). Make the best out of every moment of your video meeting: show your customer exactly what you mean by doodling, showcasing infographic materials or revealing a few statistically-rich diagrams; provide a direct view of your product, show the prospect how it works and what it can do best;
  • file sharing and storing capacity. Leverage the power of preparation, upload the files you need ahead of time to shine in all your glory during the meeting with your prospect;
  • meeting recordings. Take advantage of every good point you’ve made during the meetup: save and share the meeting recordings to highlight the product or the service even more.


Note that the visual interaction granted to you by a video meeting gives the outstanding presence effect that would not be there over the phone or emails. Get the best out of it: watch your client’s reactions, follow his train of thought, ask questions and get questions in return, pinpoint ways to adjust your offer to his reactions.

How do you know the meeting went well?

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There are a few ways to underscore the meeting:

  1. review the recordings and see what you can do better the next time, make notes;
  2. check if you worked according to your scenario, think what went right or wrong;
  3. make sure you had a Q & A segment and that it went successfully;
  4. define key metrics and the KPI of the call, make basic notes;
  5. review and conclude.

Sales one-on-ones can decorate your sales practice with the most unexpected fruit. Challenges with time or location are no longer valid excuses for not getting face to face with the clients, customers or prospects. Make a firm decision to adopt the best practices of selling via video conferencing. Take advantage of all the benefits of a real time face to face meeting without the traveling commitment. Be sure that you’ve prepared for a call a person listens, hears and resonates with.

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Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf