How to get all Proficonf features for free or at least cheaper?

14 December, 2019
3 min

In this article, we’re going to share how to save money while still getting the best of Proficonf benefits

Proficonf free membership includes many features that allow you to host video conferences for up to 5 participants comfortably. We deliberately do not limit the duration of your events. This allows our users to organize video conferences without having to track timing.

However, if the basic features were not enough for you, we are pleased to offer memberships with advanced features: Pro and Premium. You can get them at a discount or completely free! Here is how.

1. Create a review of Proficonf

Whatever the membership you fancy, you can barter it for a review of our service. 

We will credit $150 to your personal account for the Proficonf review. This allows you to use the Pro tariff for a whole year (or six months of Premium). 

If you own a blog with high traffic indicators and your audience is interested in any of the following topics:  

  • online education;
  • info business;
  • internet marketing;
  • consulting;
  • sales;
  • psychology;
  • advertising;
  • MLM;
  • business;
  • HR;
  • online services;
  • startups;
  • Internet-based income;

then you simply need to create a video review or a blog post about Proficonf and publish it on your site. Reviews can be posted on a blog, on Youtube, in Facebook and VKontakte groups.

Below are the placement requirements, depending on the type of content. 

Blog posting

Resource requirements:

  1. Site attendance of at least 10,000 users per month (according to SimilarWeb or Google Analytics);
  2. Your blog is regularly updated and has three or more articles over the last 60 days;
  3. Most blog entries have comments and/or social network shares.

The article should:

  1. Be at least 1,500 characters long;
  2. Contain at least 2 screenshots of the Proficonf service;
  3. Include at least one example of how your readers can use Proficonf;
  4. Contain a dofollow link to the domain;
  5. Be recent (no more than 60 days from the publication date).

Posting on Youtube

Channel requirements:

  1. At least 1,500 subscribers;
  2. At least two published videos over the last 60 days;
  3. Comments under most videos.

The video should:

  1. Last three minutes or more;
  2. Include shots of Proficonf interface;
  3. Contain a description of at least three main features of the service (with a link to the Proficonf Features page).

Social networks posting (Facebook and VKontakte)

Requirements for the group:

  1. At least 2500 participants;
  2. Minimum of 5 publications over the last 60 days;
  3. Comments and shares to most posts.

The post should:

  1. Clearly explain the value of the service for this group or describe at least 3 main features of the service (with a link to the Proficonf Features page);
  2. Include a link to the site;
  3. Be at least 500 characters long.

We publish all platform reviews in our social networks, we sometimes publish on our blog too. We do not limit you to creating a single review. Having created a video review, you can write an article on Proficonf. You can get another bonus for posting a review again. To do so, create a new review. Please, do not do that sooner than 3 months after the first one. Try to describe Proficonf features from a different angle. That means new articles, videos or blog posts should be different from all the previous ones.

But we’re not done yet! In addition to your bonus, we will happily provide a promotional code for your audience (a 15% discount for the first purchase).

2. Giveaways and specials

From time to time Proficonf provides free subscriptions for the contest participants using our social network page. Like this one. You fulfill simple conditions and get to access the service for free. But how do you learn about the giveaways? Subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, VKontakte, keep your eyes peeled for Proficonf news and specials!

3. Educational programs

Teaching online? Proficonf grants a 20% discount to organizations and individuals working in the field of online education. Contact our support team for details.

4. A discount for non-profits

If you are a non-profit organization and want to save on Proficonf plans, we will give you a permanent 25% discount on all purchases. For more information, please contact our support team immediately after registration.

Eventually, we plan to connect an affiliate program and form even more profitable annual subscriptions for our beloved users. 

If you failed to find a suitable discount, do not get discouraged and feel free to contact our support. We will give you a 15% discount for reading this to the end! 🙂

Subscribe to Proficonf social networks, follow the news and do not miss the opportunity to take part in the promotions.


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Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf