How to host a Christmas virtual party?

24 November, 2020
4 min

Most companies have closed their offices and relocated employees to remote work. But that situation doesn’t cancel the Christmas Eve party. 

Exactly the opposite! Now is the most appropriate time for uniting and deepening connection amongst the team. Well, now you can do it online.

Organizing an online corporate event requires less financial resources, but efforts still must be made to make it a success. First of all – you’ll need to choose a platform for hosting an online party and decide on the format of the event.

Christmas virtual party

Best platform for hosting an online corporate party

Modern technologies provide the widest possible means of communicating with colleagues remotely. Of course, it’s all about video connection.

The Proficonf video conferencing program is an example of how to make your corporate event unforgettable. Luckily, the service functionality allows to hold corporate parties in different formats.

  1. Everything depends on the number of your employees, for example you can cluster them in several virtual rooms of 20-30 participants, for organizing quests or team games. You can create virtual rooms with amusing names and participants can move around these rooms and have fun.
  1. If you have invited a band to your party or planning to put on a show – for this occasion the functionality of live streams on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch from the virtual room of the event will come in hand. Schedule the broadcast in advance and pass the link to your employees for joining.
Online event

Checklist for your Online Party in Proficonf 

  1. Select the format of the corporate event for your audience, and notify all your employees at least a week before the event. So they can plan their time and prepare.
  2. Specify the scenario and timing of the event. Design interactivity (contests, games) and set the moderator who will run the event and change participants’ roles, so they could give a greeting speech.
  3. Create a pre-test event, check the equipment and speed of the Internet connection.
  4. On Party Day, update information about your event: send links for joining the virtual room.
  5. Don’t forget to gather feedback from the participants of the event and evaluate the statistics. Just to know what aspects need to be improved in the future.
Christmas party

Ideas for an online party 

Choose the most relevant idea for your company:

1. Quest

This format has proved to be a good one at corporate parties. You can make the team more friendly and show how important it is to be able to negotiate quickly. Quest requires developed skills of communication and emotional intelligence that will make your overall performance as a team increase.

2. Quiz

Entertaining began in the ’70s in the UK, and it came to our regulars in bars and pubs. Tasty drinks, interesting topics and unexpected questions – and evening will succeed! Pub-quiz is an intellectual game like «What? Where? When?» but with its own features. You can organize it online.

3. Movie night

An interesting movie never gets boring. Make a list of favorite movies with your colleagues and don’t forget to stock up with popcorn.

4. Music show

There’s definitely someone on your team who can play guitar or other musical instruments. Ask them to give you a performance.

You can also arrange a concert with the band or the DJ, and make a broadcast on Youtube or Facebook.

5. Karaoke

Karaoke is one of the most popular formats for corporate events, especially online. Choose the repertoire beforehand or as things go along.

6. Cooking party

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about the holidays is feast. Why not have an online party where you can cook together, share recipes for your favorite cocktails and dishes? 

7. Games

  • The game «Never have I ever». The essence of the game is to choose what you never did, but other people could do. The first person to bend all their fingers will lose. That’s a good way to get to know each other better and laugh.
  • The game «Answer in 5 seconds». Answer simple questions as quickly as possible. Three female names on a specific letter. Three kinds of parrots. Anything at all.
  • Charades. One of the employees shows something interesting, and the rest guesses. We promise, it will be noisy and joyful.
  • Pictionary. Basically, the goal of the game is for one person to draw a picture without using any letters, numbers, words, gestures, verbal or nonverbal cues, and their partner has to guess what word corresponds to the picture being drawn.

8. Dance party

Compose a playlist: songs of your youth that make your heart pound and your body move! Also, you can add more fun and combine dancing with karaoke.

Corporate party


The online format of events, remote work and online learning is a new reality for all of us, with it’s pros and cons. You have to change and adjust very quickly, doing things for the first time. Regular online corporate events are an excellent step towards the normalization of the company’s microclimate and teamwork.

Daria Afanasieva