How to host a perfect video conference?

25 April, 2019
4 min

perfect video conference

This article is going to give you a basic guide on how to prepare, start and complete a video conference

Video conferencing is an interactive communicative technology providing training events, facilitating experience exchange, workplace interactions in a joint effort in real time.

A thoroughly-planned video conference will take users to a new level of understanding of your product or services. Utilizing the tools correctly you will achieve your consequent goals easily.

Events involving a large number of people do not occur spontaneously. The only question is whether you want to conquer your laziness and get ready to report.

Step 0. Get Ready

  • Gather up quality information
  • Your sources have to be hand-picked, credible and established.
  • Your information has to be clear, up to date and useful.
  • Prepare your voice (and yourself) before the webinar begins

smart look

  • Warm your voice up to sound pretty. Make a strong attempt to look your best. Rehearse your speech to avoid slurrying. There are many techniques by famous public speech coaches. If you lack privacy and you do not wish to put your colleagues off or scare them, have a sip of warm water to get your chords started.

Step 1. Start the conference

No matter the device you’re using, go to, sign up and click the “Start Instant Event” button. If you picked the free membership, you’ll be able to test the service. Go for PRO or Premium and get full access to all Proficonf treasured features.

start the conference

Step 2. Speak up!

At the appointed time, the meeting participants follow the provided link. They join the conference room. They can hear everyone, see everything and can collectively process the data.

Do not overcomplicate your performance!

When you’re hosting an online-conference, try to set the point simply, use easy speech patterns and avoid complicated terminology. At the end of the report make sure people got your point correctly.

video conference

As the communication session begins, remember to keep up to the point and check in with your schedule from time to time. Participants can access document collaboration tools through text and graphics processors and other software. Participants see their own faces and the speaker.

Talk participants through the rules of the conference and explain Proficonf interface briefly. Let your viewers know that you have the power to tune anyone in or out, depending on the situation.

video conference

Step 3. Utilize the tools

The wide variety of sharing center capabilities allow you to explore every expression method you desire:

  • draw on whiteboard. Utilize your skills to create remarkable notes and fancy diagrams, make your visitors love what you tell them, engage and be exciting. You do not have to be “a creative type” to use whiteboards. Unlock all the new opportunities that follow.
  • showcase your presentations. Be enthusiastic about the story you’re telling, utilise graphics, keep your text to a minimum. Your success is inevitable!
  • search and show Youtube videos. The site is chock-full of all types of educational videos that will add so wanted dynamics into your conference.
  • share your screen with viewers. There is no better tool for stimulating viewer activity and engagement than showing others what you’re doing and how things work.
  • appoint speakers and let visitors ask questions. Build your team and delegate your important tasks. Promote initiative and build awareness around your work.

A few more Tips from Proficonf

Keep your audience engaged:

  • use humor. No overkill though. A couple jokes here and there. You can start off approaching one listener or the other. This way you will be able to learn early on how he or she takes it;
  • refer to reputable sources. Ensure the validity of your own research. Have your links nice and ready if anyone asks for them;
  • provide personal life or storybook examples. They entertain people and give relevance to your report. If you do not have anything nice to say then keep silent for a moment;
  • utilize question-answer speech format. It is the most reliable engagement tool. If you see that your audience’s attention is fading start asking questions. You have to proactively prepare them ahead of time though;
  • shift your tempo and intonation. Stress the segments that you think are the most important. Slow down your speech as the meeting finale approaches.

Step 4. Collect data and Analyze


Say hello to all types of metrics. If we’re honest, you should have gone the field before your actual video conference and gather info on target audience before you start. keep in mind it is also a precious habit if you are hosting regular webinar and have a group of regular visitors. In any event, you are the king of your own conference, so do however you prefer. Make sure your effort is appreciated. Do not forget about feedback collection.

Once you host your first conference, you will probably be your own conclusion king. To summarize the aims achieved and mistakes made you will want to look through the recording of your performance and make lots of notes.

If you’re a perfectionist, get back to the recorded video the next day.

Your experience and expertise that comes with it will be your reward for wanting to succeed with Proficonf video conferencing!


Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf