How to Host a Webinar on Facebook with Proficonf

30 December, 2020
7 min

Recently, webinars gained a new spiral of popularity, and it’s well deserved! With the help of a webinar you can tell about yourself, your product, service, share your knowledge and answer the audience’s questions. It is a powerful tool for promoting a personal brand, getting feedback and visually demonstrating your material. 

In order to get the webinar to the top level, the most important aspect has to be taken care of beforehand: the choice of a suitable platform. Many people run live broadcasts on social media, but it is worth considering that this functionality will not be enough for a full-fledged webinar.

Why do you need an extra service for a webinar if you can just turn on a live stream on Facebook? The point is that the Facebook streams are not designed to show any content, and that means that the only thing you can share with the audience is your beautiful face.


If you want to show a presentation, display infographics, or spend a webinar with more than one speaker – Proficonf will come to help. 

The huge plus of this platform – it works directly in browsers, and doesn’t require installing any additional software. It is also possible to select roles for the participants: moderators, speakers, viewers and set up automatic recording of the event and hold it up to 24 hours.

With Proficonf, you can stream the webinar to any social network, and even to multiple platforms at the same time, so you can connect an unlimited number of viewers. Today we will tell you how to create your webinar on Facebook, if that is where our target audience is.

Gather an audience for the future webinar on Facebook

Create Events on Facebook and post information about upcoming webinars – it is an excellent way to gather your audience in one community and share news about upcoming webinars. It is also possible to advertise not only individual posts about the webinar placed on the business page of the brand, but the Event as a whole.

How to create and run webinar on Facebook with Proficonf

To spend the webinar in Proficonf, the host needs to register, create a webinar room and invite participants.

Proficonf landing page

It is sufficient for any popular browser to go to, press the “Sign Up” button, fill in the fields in the registration form or authorize with social networks.

After registration, you will be redirected to the event page where you need to press the “Upgrade” button, select the Subscription Plan and Live Streaming.

Proficonf events page

To create your first webinar, press the “Schedule” button, you will be directed to the page with the event creation form:

Create an event on Proficonf
  • Enter the name of the webinar.
  • Activate the permanent webinar room if necessary.
  • Select the date and time of the webinar.
  • Select the role for the participants: viewers.
  • Select the type of access (private or public).
  • Turn on the automatic recording, it will allow you not to think about opening the record at the beginning of the webinar.
  • Add the redirection address for the participants after the webinar is complete.
Post redirection page link on Proficonf

This is a powerful tool that will help the audience to get acquainted with your offer or product after the end of the webinar.
Click the “Create” button.

The newly created webinar will be displayed in the “Upcoming” section of the events page. If you want to edit or delete a webinar room, click the three-point button to the right of the name and select the appropriate item.

Proficonf events page

Proficonf Virtual Room

Let’s go to the webinar room and see how it works.

Proficonf virtual room

On the left you will see a list of participants in which the host of the webinar can control the participants: block, remove, change the role, restrict chat.

Proficonf participants menu

A chat in which the organizer or moderator can delete all messages or one at a time, turns off the chat for all participants.

Proficonf chat

Share Section

Share Section on Proficonf

In which you can:

  • Display a screen, a program window or a browser tab. 
  • Draw something on the drawing board and demonstrate to the participants.
  • Display the materials on the Miro board for the collaborative work.
  • Share the video with Youtube. Simply write the title of the clip or insert a link, click the “Share” button. The video will be shown in sync with all participants.
  • Upload, display any material in the Files section. You can upload files before and during the webinar.

At the top of the middle in the webinar room are the microphone and camera buttons, the exit button.

Proficonf virtual room

To invite participants, press the “Invite participants” button, copy the link in the opened menu and share it with participants in any convenient way.

Invite participants menu in Proficonf webinar room

Or click “Invite” in the section to invite by email, enter email addresses and add them to the list. Select a role for participants: viewer.

Invite by email menu in Proficonf

Press the “Invite” button.

If you have a separate document with the list of participants and their personal data, you can select the entire text by pressing Ctrl+A and copy it into the input field. The Proficonf will select only email addresses.

On the right is the video recording button.

Video recording menu

Features of video recording settings:

  • Show chat.
  • Show participants’ thumbnails.
  • Show only my video. 

To start the recording, press “Start Recording”.

The Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Restream Live stream activation button is located to the right of the record button. You can broadcast your webinar to any of these social networks and connect an unlimited number of viewers to watch.

Live stream menu

You can choose the streaming modes in the menu:

  • Show chat.
  • Show participants’ thumbnails.
  • Show only my video. 

After you enter the URL server and Stream Key, click the “Add Streaming Server” button.

Streaming menu

To start the stream, press the “Start Streaming” button.

Important information: the settings for the streaming server are saved automatically for the webinar room in which you created it. You can select and configure a streaming server for any social network in advance.

Display Modes 
If you have multiple speakers at the same time, you are advised to switch the display mode to the Tile Grid. If only one speaker, select Active Speaker.

Active speaker –  the active participant is displayed on the home screen. Up to 5 thumbnails from the videos of the most active participants are displayed on the right. The active participant is the participant who is currently speaking.

Tile grid – up to 20 thumbnails of participants’ videos are displayed, the list is dynamically changed and the most active participants are displayed.

Display modes


And at the very end, the “Settings” button of the webinar room.
In the settings menu you can select camera and microphone, choose the quality of the transmitted signal, display mode, change the language.

Settings menu

Don’t close the browser tab and go to Facebook to create the stream, and copy the Stream URL and the Stream Key.

To create a Live stream on Facebook

Go to, click “Create Live Stream”.

The second way, go to your personal Facebook page, page or group that you manage on Facebook. Click on the “Live” button.

You will be redirected to the Stream Setup page.

Stream Setup Page on Facebook

Choose Setting “Use Stream Key”.

Copy and paste the Server URL, Stream Key into Proficonf menu fields, click “Add streaming server”. To start the streaming, press “Start streaming”.

Return to the Facebook tab and the Preview screen will appear.

Choose where you want to publish your stream. Add a description and title for the stream.

 Press “Go Live”.

If you want to schedule a Live stream in the future, select “Schedule a Live Video”.


During the stream, people will be able to respond and leave comments. You can respond to comments or reactions from viewers immediately.

If you are streaming in your feed, you can choose its audience. Once completed, your broadcast will remain at the site in the form of a video publication.

How to stop the Live stream

To stop the stream, click the “End Live Video” button on Facebook and the “Stop Streaming” button on the Proficonf Conference room and choose “Stop for all”.

List of participants after the webinar

The list of participants you have invited to the webinar room can be downloaded after completion of the webinar in the section “Completed”.

Events page

To the right of the name of the event, click on the three-point button, select “Download list of participants” from the menu. In the list – name, surname and email, is unloaded in the format of a CSV table. 

Please note: Participants should be invited by email to be displayed in the list of participants.


Proficonf is a universal tool that allows you to host videoconferences, webinars and live streams on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and Restream.

You should try it yourself! Sign up and host your first Proficonf webinar. 

Daria Afanasieva