How to host a webinar?

22 April, 2019
3 min

The single idea of webinar hosting may seem intimidating. But since it is the hottest thing on the net that can aid your sales, boost your brand visibility and spread your message worldwide, we strongly suggest you get on with it. Proficonf will help you out.

webinar host

Do you need webinars?

First, let’s determine if you need webinars. This is a relatively new marketing and sales tool, but it has already managed to firmly enter the marketing practice format.

Reasons? It is effective! Full stop.

Not to be compared to some conventional (exhibitions, conferences, seminars) and compare them with each other. They are completely different, but they perfectly complement each other and enhance the effectiveness of the Event channel in the marketing mix.

Webinar as a type of web conference

A webinar is one of the types of web conferencing, which implies one-way broadcasting by the moderator, who cannot freely interact with other participants.

However, webinars can also be collaborative, providing additional features such as polling and voting, thereby providing interaction between the broadcaster and its listeners. In this case, the leader can comment on the information displayed on the screen.

Depending on the tool you pick to host a webinar, various participants can be given user anonymity. This may actually strike some potential users as an advantage.

Application areas. Webinars are very widely used in distant education. The interaction between the lecturer and his students through communication in the web conference mode is undoubtedly very convenient and easy for both parties.

The second biggest webinar user is salespeople. They are used for remote demonstration of the product.

Now we know webinars are universally practical, let’s get cracking on our webinar check-list together.

webinar equipment

What do you need to host a webinar?

  1. A reliable platform to host a webinar
  2. laptops with webcams and headsets for speakers and webinar moderators
  3. good internet connection
  4. a quiet, well-lit room, preferably branded backdrop
  5. a team to prepare and administer the webinar: speakers, moderator, designer, internet marketer, webmaster
  6. time for the preparation and advertising campaign of the webinar.

How do I get viewers for my webinar?

To attract an audience you may need a landing page for a webinar and you should plan/create an advertising campaign for it.

webinar visitor

Your landing page must specify:

  1. The name of the webinar (theme).
  1. Date and time, duration (optional).
  1. A brief description of the webinar to be discussed.
  1. Webinar program (agenda).
  1. Expected results (specific benefit) for the audience.
  1. Photos and data about the speakers. A brief summary of their key competence, the field of expertise and achievements.
  1. Crucial: your landing page has to have a link to the registration form (a button), where viewers will leave their contact details.

Webinar Prep

To host a successful webinar, you need to get a set of things done just before it:

  • speakers’ read-through
  • appearance
  • warm up your voice
  • get the room nice and ready
  • equipment and sound check
  • internet connection checkup.

Ready. Set. Go!

What are the important elements of every webinar?

  1. Provide just enough slides through your presentation. Make the viewers anticipate the next one.
  2. Pick a pointer or a cursor. Help the audience follow your thought, pointing to the desired items on the slide.
  3. Drawing. Highlight important points on slides right in front of the audience with the pencil tool. Encourage your viewers by inviting them to stress an important point or draw on your slides.
  4. Ask your audience questions as you go. Let them answer in chat or run polls instead.
  5. Share your screen. It has proven to be very effective in trying to get your point through.
  6. Share gifts with your audience. Provide a link to download useful information on the report at the end of the webinar.

Use these tips to host your own webinar using Proficonf. Let us know how it went.

We will cover Webinar troubleshooting in our next piece. Stay tuned. Bis bald.


Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf