How To Integrate Video Conferencing to Your Website or App

20 April, 2021
3 min

Modern business processes are no longer possible without video conferencing. Remote work, distance learning, and online consulting have become hugely popular.

Software for video conferencing, webinars and live streaming are used in almost every field, allowing for various online events.

But, for many businesses, it is not enough to host events within a video conferencing platform and there is a need to embed video conferencing and video calls on their website or app.

Why Video Conferencing Integrations are Important for Business?

Cloud video conferencing integrations are popular for:

  • Telehealth, where a doctor can conduct a video consultation with a patient or discuss important issues with his or her colleagues, using the embedded video conferencing chat on a medical institution’s website.
  • Online schools,  where on the website of an online school teachers can create and conduct video lessons, including individual and group lessons. All communication with students takes place within the learning platform, there is no need to use third-party applications or programs.
  • Business sites, where it is necessary to host video conferencing, discussions, meetings and webinars on the company website to strengthen their own brand and increase customer loyalty. 
  • Websites and apps, where it is necessary to hold a video consultation of a support person with the client. This significantly increases the quality of services provided.
  • Event agencies for large-scale online conferences. In such cases, they place several virtual zones for each stream on the conference site so that viewers can connect to the presentations, watch the reports, and ask questions.
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The Benefits of Cloud Video Conferencing API, iFrame and SDK

There are two types of video conferencing integrations. It’s integration cloud-based video conferencing software and installing a video conferencing system on a server.

Installing Video Conferencing Software on Your Server

At first glance, it might seem that installing software on a server is much easier and more reliable. You install it once and the system works properly.

But there are many hidden dangers and extra costs. For example, you need to maintain developers and Devops, who will monitor the system and servers, updates and support compatibility of the program on different devices. High costs of maintaining servers and infrastructure, which must be scaled with the increasing number of users. Additional costs for customer support, which will be able to provide qualified help at any time. 

All of these points can cause a big “headache”.

Integrating Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Software

Cloud-based video conferencing integrations have significant advantages over server-based installations. The entire infrastructure, compatibility support in all browsers and devices, development and deployment of new features is provided by the video conferencing solution vendor. Also scaling infrastructure for events from anywhere on the planet.

As a result, you can focus on the growth of your business and not be distracted by the problems with videoconferences.

 As you can see, cloud video conferencing integrations have more advantages and this format of embedding on your site is very popular.


How to Integrate Proficonf Cloud Video Conferencing

Proficonf is a video conferencing, webinar and live streaming solution. Powered by WebRTC technology, it allows you to host conferences and participate in popular browsers. 

Proficonf Rest API  

Use the Rest API to create virtual rooms on your website or app. For example, to create video consultations or online lessons and invite participants.

Proficonf iFrame

With iframe you can easily and quickly integrate cloud video conferencing Proficonf, host various events, and use all the features on your website, without leaving your personal account or landing page.

Proficonf SDK

The Proficonf SDK allows you to create a unique design for your video conferencing platform. This is not only branding, but also full customization of the interface and features.



The Proficonf team is currently actively developing the Business Account and the API, iframe, SDK integrations, and we will provide access to the documentation shortly.

If you need integrations or have questions about Proficonf, write to the support chat on the website or email 

Our specialists will be happy to help with integrations and available features.