How to Move Your Services Online Quickly

10 April, 2022
4 min

Nowadays, there are many professions where you can provide services online and not use expensive office space. Also, moving businesses online is opening new channels for working with clients and allowing you to provide services from any location in the world.

More and more people are choosing to work from home as their preferred work option, and as we look at the privileges it brings to people running their businesses online, we will see that it is no surprise!

This article will be useful for freelancers, salespersons, teachers, marketers, tutors, consultants, coaches, therapists, lawyers, medical experts, psychologists, online schools, virtual event agencies, startups, etc.

Below we’ll look at the benefits of doing business online and show you how to do it with Proficonf.

Benefits of Moving Your Services Online

Your business is not dependent on restrictions

You will be able to work even if there are restrictions due to Covid-19, military actions, accidents, and force majeure.

Flexibility in time and place

You can set up your own work schedule and service delivery. This should be comfortable for you and your clients. Moreover, you are not tied to a physical office, so you can actually work from any location that is convenient for you. 

Increase productivity

Working remotely eliminates negative factors when working from the office, such as noise and excessive communication.  To increase productivity, organize your work correctly.


Working remotely saves you money and cuts a lot of costs for commuting, tea and coffee, lunches, and office clothing.

Freedom of your actions

You can plan your trips and work from all the beautiful places you visit at the same time. It definitely increases your productivity and keeps your work-life balance.

Practical Tips For Moving Your Services Online With Proficonf Video Conferencing

The first thing you need to clarify is if you work as an individual or in a company.

If you are a self-employed entrepreneur and work in an office, you don’t have your own website – you need to choose and subscribe to the Pro or Premium plan in Proficonf, provide your services and work with clients online. It is very simple. Of course, you can test the Proficonf features on the Free plan without the card requirement.

We’ve put together the most useful productivity tools like screen sharing, Whiteboard, embedded Miro board, built-in YouTube video, upload and demonstration of any files and presentations by hosts and participants, video recording, live streaming, and multistreaming up to 10 platforms.

Watch a short video guide on how to host an event in Proficonf and see how easy it is. All you have to do is create an event and invite participants via link or email.

If you are an owner or manager in a company and you have some employees, you can create a Workspace in Proficonf, invite all employees, and they can hold any number of events simultaneously. You will manage your colleagues in one account and will be charged on a pay-as-you-go model according to the Business plan.

Also, your employees can purchase their own personal Pro or Premium subscription, but it is not convenient for the company to manage each personal account.

In the second case: you are a self-employed entrepreneur, company owner or manager, and you have your own website.

These days, almost all companies, regardless of size, have business websites. It improves a company’s reputation and allows clients to learn more about it and communicate with the brand. Obviously, companies need a comprehensive communication platform that is integrated, secure, and easy to use.

A great solution for your business is to create your own Workspace in Proficonf (there can be several for one company) and embed Proficonf video calls on your website or app. Plus, you can customize the UI meeting room according to your corporate colors and use your own logo. You will manage your colleagues in one account and will be charged on a pay-as-you-go system according to your Business plan.

Watch a short video on how to easily create a Workspace and invite employees.

Once you create a Workspace, you can embed Proficonf video calls with a few lines of code, it takes not much time. The fine-tuning will take a bit longer, but even a novice developer can do it, just read our documentation on the REST API and iframe API and Guide with integrations examples.

After embedding Proficonf video calls, your customers can get a consultation, e-learning, advice, or live support on your website. This increases brand loyalty and user experience.

Embedded video conferencing Proficonf

You can host any type of video calls and video conferencing on your website – virtual events, sales sessions, online learning, consultations, negotiations, webinars, meetings, live streams, etc.

Final Words

Online business is already the future, and this market is growing rapidly. Embedding video calls on your business website is necessary to increase user loyalty, and all kinds of businesses want to achieve this.

Proficonf is a simple, secure, and convenient solution for embedding video calls into business websites and apps. More than 10,000 companies like Reply, Digital HR, Avon, and Dimex, trust us.

If you want to move your business online, Proficonf will help you!

If you need help with embedding, feel free to book a quick demo call!