How to seem smarter in a conference call?

16 May, 2019
4 min

Dream to have a fun conference call instead of a traditionally boring one? You’re in the right place. We’re going to share a couple of tricks how you can go to a web conferencing call unprepared and still have a blast

It is not always easy to become a tech expert at the request when you are about to join a corporate video conference. But as in every matter, there are ways to go about the situation and not be nervous about messing up.

video conference

  1. Try to avoid looking elsewhere while you’re in a conference call. If you chose to read the newsfeed in your browser, move the window to the top of the display to make it look as if you’re watching people in the room.
  2. Pay attention to your background. Try to avoid a home mess or a bathroom door peeking through behind you. Make sure it is your library or a clean wall with pretty wallpaper that decorates your shot.

video conference backgroundd

  1. Grab your lunch and put it before you while you’re talking. Let people know that you’re sorry for being so tactless for eating in the shot and stuff, but it was your first chance to eat today and you did not want to miss the call. Your manager will appreciate you being so busy with company matters until now, that you are in for a treat for sure.
  2. Mention a faraway place where it’s nighttime at the moment. Say you’re in Budapest or something. Make sure to google the time and date before you do and make sure it is indeed nighttime in there at the moment. Your colleagues will be amazed at how a conference call kept you up so late. Your dedication to the job you’re doing will astonish people around you. Very few people will be likely to remember where your call actually came from, so as not to worry.

beach video conference

  1. Pretend the platform you’re using is slacking. Suggest to share your screen with your teammates, then assure your colleagues the screen sharing feature is not working. Make an obvious strong attempt to fix it and give up just after five minutes’ wait. Make a short explanation and promise to send a group email and share it right after the conference call is over. BTW: it will least likely happen to you if you’re using Proficonf. The platform never fails.
  2. Press the “mute” button on purpose and simulate surprise afterward. Mute yourself out from the meeting, go on and on about something for five minutes or so. You can say things you wish about your ex-girlfriend or explain the last episode of Game of Thrones, whatever. Once you’re done, make your co-workers believe you finally noticed you were mute the whole time. Once someone speaks up, tell them you meant the same exact thing too!
  3. Pretend to freeze while you speak up. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? And it is! Make up a little game pretendinкg that your image has frozen and let everyone else go on about how your connection is always bad and how often you’ve started working from home. When they are done re-launching the meeting, re-freeze in the same position, that will either make them totally crazy mad or will take the edge of all the seriousness in the conference room. PS: might not work with Proficonf, coz everyone knows it never freezes on ya.
  4. Find a way to squeeze your baby or your furry child in the call. Demonstrate how loud and obnoxious your home people and animals can be, make them appreciate all the time and effort you put into your work for the company. Remember to sneak in either a goodbye kiss for your baby or a snack bite for your dog to make the audience go all “Ah-h-h”.

video conference with a baby

  1. Find a way to play with funny photo frame effects. While the most serious of notes are being spoken out, scroll down the funny frames menu. Throw on a clown face while maintaining the most weighty business face, your colleagues will appreciate it. If someone else attempts the same prank – reproach them for not being attentive enough.
  2. Offer a recap meeting. Finish up the salad as you are wrapping up the meeting, offer a follow-up call in a week or so. When you feel that the team is sharing the video meeting afterglow, throw in a couple of compliments to polish things up and leave a good impression.

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Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf