How To Use Live Streaming To Connect With Your Customers

2 June, 2021
4 min

The global coronavirus pandemic that began last year has transformed the way many companies approach their business interactions. Where some businesses made the transition from in-person to remote working platforms, others took the opportunity to expand their company marketing and content strategies. By exploring new forms of content-based connection, plenty of companies have found that they are better able to broadcast their brand to a wider audience base and connect with new prospective customers. 

One of the most popular methods for connecting with customers is live streaming. This format works well for businesses in industries as diverse as health and fitness, fashion and luxury, agriculture, plumbing, and real estate. Research studies predict that the market for global streaming will jump to nearly $185 billion in just six years from now. Most customers-eight out of ten reports a content preference for live streaming over social media marketing campaigns or blog posts. 

live streaming

So what are some factors to keep in mind as you get ready to create live video streaming content? And how can you better connect with your customers while doing so? Let’s take a look. 

Make it Personal

For the majority of consumers, the key factor in a compelling live stream is the human connection it provides. When a potential customer feels that they are interacting with a brand that is not merely trying to sell them something, but also represents a story that the customer can get on board with, they are much more likely to jump on and become customers or clients. 

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With live streaming, your prospective customers get to see your products and services presented by an actual human, whether that is an influencer, a brand ambassador, or someone from your company itself. Audiences today want to know that they are supporting brands that offer a clear narrative, and companies that align with their own personal values. Live streaming is a great way to showcase and reinforce your company’s story and remind prospective clients and customers of the values that your company represents. 

Target Your Audience

In order to connect with the right target audience, you will want to make sure you do ample research before you launch your live streaming campaign. The goal of your live streaming campaign is to connect with your audience, so first, you will have to have a very clear picture of who your audience is, and what kinds of content will inspire them. Gather information about your target customers’ lifestyle choices, preferred brands, and general spending habits. Stay on top of the latest news updates and trends. That way, your content will always be relevant and on-target, so your prospective customers know that your is a relevant brand. 


All of that research will certainly come in handy when your camera is live. One of the benefits of live streaming is that you can simultaneously broadcast to viewers around the world, and engage directly with specific viewers. Live comments and live interviews can help strengthen your connection to your customers and make viewers feel like they are active participants in your company’s content. Target your Q and A sessions towards a specific subject matter or topic, and you will be able to connect with customers directly about a subject of your choosing. 

Rehearse Before The Performance

If you are the one representing your company on a live stream and you are feeling nervous about diving right into the deep end with a live broadcast, don’t worry. That is perfectly normal. The key to helping hone your live video stream? Practice before you truly go live. You can create a stand-in Facebook group or create a private Youtube viewing channel and do one or two rehearsal takes before the actual live stream. Not only will practicing beforehand help you get used to the camera, but it will also help iron out any potential technical glitches. 

Taking the time to rehearse will allow you to get feedback from a private audience if you choose. You can use the opportunity to adjust your lighting and background, and to make sure your internet connection is up to speed. You won’t want your live broadcast to be interrupted by glitches, freezing, and awkward moments as you wonder whether or not the video is going through. 

live broadcast

If you are concerned about your video stream appearing low-tech, don’t worry. You don’t need to hire expensive equipment or present the most high-tech image quality possible. Viewers want to connect and feel that your brand is authentic and real; sometimes professional equipment can actually detract from this goal. Lighting your video with natural lighting is ideal, and filming from your computer should be fine. You may want to avoid using a smartphone, when possible, as the video quality tends to be shakier. Remember, talking into the camera is just like having a live chat with a potential customer. Relax and ease into it, and your audience will be more engaged. 

Embrace the Video

Once you have successfully produced your company’s first live stream, give yourself a hearty pat on the back. Then get ready to do it all over again. You will want to keep offering live streams on a regular basis. 

Try to make it part of your regular weekly or monthly business routine. Broadcast your streams in email blasts, newsletters, and social media posts, so anyone who is curious can attend and get to know your company. The more you practice, the more you will feel comfortable and confident in what you are presenting, and the more often you live stream, the more loyal customers your business will attract.

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