How to use the Miro board in Proficonf

12 November, 2020
4 min

Back in the day, collaborative online whiteboards were honored only by IT specialists, managers, designers, and teams that originally worked remotely. But the new reality made everyone dreadful: how are we supposed to set up the proper workflow and track team progress? 

Don’t worry – solution has been found! Proficonf with integrated Miro board will come in hand!

Proficonf video conference with Miro board

What’s the use of Miro for videoconferencing and online learning?

Miro Interactive Board is an irreplaceable tool for distance learning, videoconferencing, webinars or collaborative work.

Here are a few cases that Miro can handle:

  • you can have brainstorms here – collectively come up with new ideas
  • summarizing the work and set new goals, registering the tasks on the common board
  • reviewing the accomplished tasks
  • working together on a board, dividing into small teams. Everyone can draw diagrams, add templates and visualize their thoughts
  • gathering feedback in Miro is much more comfortable and entertaining than in a classical way.

How to use Miro board in Proficonf events?

It is very simple!

Create an instant, scheduled event or a permanent room and invite participants. Go to the Share Center.

Proficonf Share center

In the section with Miro board, click “Create board without registration” or press “Sign-in” to register with Miro.


If you are not registered in Miro, you will create a new board in which you can use the full functionality, except that the board is not saved and will be removed 24 hours after its creation. 

Participants of the Proficonf conference don’t need to register in Miro, they can use it together with the host.

After a quick Sign-up, you will be able to create boards that will be saved in your Miro account in advance, and they can be used permanently.

Miro board

When switching to the selected board, you can also edit the access level for the participants:

  • Anyone can edit (Any member can edit)
  • Anyone can comment (Any participant can comment)
  • Anyone can view (Any member can only watch)
  • Private (Private board, registration is required for all participants).

Overview of Miro functions

In the toolbar you will find:

Switching the cursor to “palm” is the main tool for navigation. Click the index to enable this tool, and click again to switch back to hand mode.

Select a template for your board: collage, algorithm, Mindmap and more.

Text addition.

Stickers. You can edit their size, color and font. You can also lighten them and add tags. If you copy the Excel tab then it will automatically become stickers. Moreover, if you take a picture of a real sticker, it will automatically be converted into an electronic sticker.

Shapes. You can select a shape, create a fill and text inside.

Arrows to connect objects.

The pen and the eraser. Note: that you can use the smart drawing tool that aligns your figure, no matter how curved you draw it.

Comment section where you can mark specific users.

Create a frame where you can choose the appropriate format for your board, for example: A4, iPad screen, browser tab, etc.

Download section where you can add any type of file.

Proficonf conference room

Main benefits of working with the Miro board in the Proficonf

  • if you hold a video conference, webinar, online meeting or lesson – all the content that was shown on the board will be recorded. 
  • participants of the event don’t need to register in Miro – they will have access as soon as the organizer of the event opens the board in the virtual room.
  • in the virtual room you can use multiple Miro boards
  • the board is automatically stored in the organizer’s private office on the Miro site and always stays available, also it can be downloaded
  • the organizer can monitor the actions of the participants on the board by the inscriptions on the cursors
  • Miro board is perfect for distance education.

Use Miro board in Proficonf events and enjoy your teamwork!