Multiple Video Conferencing Hosts in Proficonf

10 March, 2022
3 min

How can we host multiple video conferencing, meetings, webinars, or online lessons at the same time from one account? This is one of the most frequently asked questions to the Proficonf support team.

The question is asked by managers of online courses, different companies, recruiting agencies, medical centers, etc. This is relevant when you need to manage multiple hosts within one account.

Using examples from Global Language School and the Digital HR recruiting agency we will demonstrate how to manage Workspace in Proficonf, hold simultaneous meetings, video calls, and online lessons efficiently by multiple hosts.


Example #1: Conditions for Online Learning at Proficonf


  • Global Language School platform.
  • 10 tutors, about 250 students.
  • Hold group lessons for up to 8 students.
  • Hold individual lessons 1 to 1.
  • Previously used 10 Zoom licenses.
  • On average, for each student 8-10 online lessons per month.
  • The duration of a lesson is up to 60 minutes.


  • The uncomfortable management of multiple personal accounts.
  • The owner needs to pay for each personal account. 
  • Complaints from students about the need to download the Zoom app.
  • Zoom can’t be embedded into the Global Language School website.


  • Organize e-learning process in Proficonf within a single Workspace account with the option to hold simultaneous lessons.
  • Manage the online school Workspace more efficiently and conveniently.
  • In the future, embed Proficonf on the Global Language School website. In this case, the student can join the lesson from his personal account on the platform without third-party apps.


Proficonf meetings page

Tutors have created permanent rooms for online lessons, uploaded educational files beforehand, and sent out invitations to students. 

The managers and owner of the Global Language School platform have full access to all statistics of the lessons (duration, number of students), costs statistics, and a list of tutors and their activities.

Result and benefits:

  • The workload of tutors and managers has decreased.
  • The productivity and user experience of students and tutors has increased.
  • Students like to use the built-in Miro board.
  • Tutors’ management of Global Language School has become easier and more efficient.
  • The owner has a clear cost estimate, as payment is charged only for the lessons held.

The next step is the embedded of Proficonf on the Global Language School website, where students will be able to join a lesson from their personal accounts.

video interview

Example #2: Conditions for Video Interview at Proficonf


  • Recruiting agency Digital HR.
  • The company has five employees.
  • Hold video interviews one to one.
  • The duration of the video interview is 20-40 minutes.
  • Use 5 Pro personal accounts in Proficonf.


  • The inconvenience of managing multiple personal accounts for the company owner.
  • The need to pay for each account separately.
  • The owner doesn’t have quick access to the recordings and files of the interviews.
  • A new personal account must be created for each new employee.


  • Organize the process of video interviews in Proficonf within one company account. 
  • Manage the company account more efficiently.
  • Have quick access to all files and recordings.
  • Pay only for events held, without a subscription.


  • We had a consultation with the company owner, create a Workspace, and invited employees. 
  • The company owner has quick access to the statistics of each interview, files, and interview records.
  • Employees can host interviews at any time and have full access to all uploaded files.
Workspace meetings page in Proficonf

Results and benefits:

  • Files and interview records are available to all employees and managers.
  • There is no subscription, payment is only for events held.
  • The owner can invite new employees to Workspace, this is very convenient.


Workspace in Proficonf is a reliable support for your business! Company employees get access to all the features of the Proficonf video conferencing platform, owner – the ability to effectively manage the one account. Also, you can embed and customize Proficonf video conferencing on your website or app as you need via REST API and iframe API.

Create a Workspace for your business in Proficonf and enjoy all the benefits today.