Our Mission

Reducing CO2 emissions as the goal.

Proficonf was launched back in September 2017. We’ve worked with almost 5000 beta-users to release the full version of the video conferencing app that works in most browsers and across a variety of devices. Proficonf operates as a highly stable laconic communication platform to seamlessly unite professionals across continents for effective collaboration. A browser-based app, Proficonf accommodates a wide variety of communicative features. We work for the sake of making high-grade video conferencing simple and accessible, so anyone who has a browser could join a web meeting seamlessly and effortlessly.

Our Mission is to reduce business travel to the limit. The irreversible climate change due to the greenhouse effect is coming close. Anthropogenic CO2 emissions into the atmosphere push global temperatures higher every day. Global warming is not just about the temperature rising though. It puts a variety of flora and fauna species at high risk.

Continuous business-related airplane flights set up a dependency and pollute the atmosphere with considerable amounts of Carbon Dioxide every single day. Proficonf is called to substitute the unnecessary business traveling for an environmentally-friendly distant communication solution. Business travel is a mandatory part of many corporate protocols. We say: let’s change it up once and for good! Proficonf summons those with a conscious initiative to bring the issue up in the community of environmentally-savvy human beings. Let’s leave all the plane flights for the trips we love and anticipate, time with our families and friends, our loved ones. Let’s keep humanity’s global footprint within the planet’s capacity to sustain wildlife and Earth’s resources. 

How can we do that?

By spreading the word of global CO2 effects and sharing knowledge on ways to substitute business travel with more environmentally efficient tools, Proficonf will do everything in its power to reduce the harmful greenhouse gas effects on the planet.

This little decision we can make today will yield great aftermath in the years to come. With due attention and support, we’re bound to succeed.