Proficonf – professional real-time video conferencing platform

26 February, 2019
2 min

Today Proficonf launches an entirely new video conferencing platform that allows hosting video conferences without any downloads or installations. Proficonf allows for sharing and playing various format files within a video conference without opening apps or new tabs.
This solution is a true time-saver for connecting with teammates, business partners, tutors, students etc.

Why Proficonf?

Having the capacity to get up to 250 participants – it works in your web browser.
It includes high-quality real-time video and audio.
It is also combined with video recording and collaboration features such as:

  • instant file sharing to participants’ cloud storages
  • whiteboard
  • screen sharing
  • built-in media player and file viewer
  • ability to assign roles within a conference (moderator, speaker, viewer).

Proficonf works perfectly and holds stability even in a poor connection.

Alexey Kuznetsov, Founding CEO of Proficonf

Alexey says Proficonf started out as a solution to a problem. The extreme lack of accessible specialists in a variety of fields prompted us to brainstorm on the subject. Having gone to the heart of the issue, we’ve come up with an idea to create a platform that would connect experts in real-time. What I like about Proficonf is how straightforward and effortless it is: no need for downloads or long instructions, just make a few clicks. That’s it.

Erasing borders between people

Proficonf works in most web browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge, as well as on Android mobile devices. Application for iOS users is to be launched within a few weeks.

How Proficonf works?

Upon creating a Proficonf account the only two things you need to start or join a video meeting are a web-browser and a camera. You can invite participants via email right from the meeting, or just by copying the meeting URL and sending it to participants any way you like.

The free plan allows you to host meetings limited to 45 minutes and 25 participants. To host limitless meetings with bigger audience paid subscription is required. Starting at 25$ per month, Pro plan gives you 100 participants, 2 hours of non-stop recording and 2 GB of cloud storage. For those who need more, 45$ per month Premium plan gives you 250 participants, 3 hours of non-stop recording with the ability to start automatically once the meeting begins, and 5 GB of cloud storage.

About Proficonf

The team behind Proficonf are a group of professionals who have joined their talents to provide an impeccable and technically superb platform for their customers. Launched in September 2017, they’ve worked with almost 5000 beta-users to release the full version that works in the most browsers and across the variety of devices.

Based on webRTC, Proficonf provides in-browser high-quality real-time video and audio streaming, with the highly secured connection. It uses Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) data transfer protocol to encrypt video and audio.

At this time Proficonf is used by almost 5000 users, with 1,700 users every week. Proficonf was developed in Odesa, Ukraine, and founded by internet entrepreneur Aleksey Kuznetsov.
Note for editors:
Contact person:
Stanislav Kukhta, Head of Marketing.

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