Proficonf Video Conferencing for Telehealth

18 January, 2021
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In the age of technology, almost all spheres of our lives have started to move to online format in varying degrees. Our hobbies, work, education, our interaction with the loved ones. 

We were particularly affected by the shift to digital with the start of a worldwide pandemic, which had a huge impact on the medical field as well. 

All around the globe, doctors and hospitals have begun to look for ways to help more patients without risk of infection or loss of quality in care. This was made possible by advances in video conferencing and online communication technologies.

Modern Online Telemedicine 

The newest emerging areas of medicine are the use of high technology to organize medical care. 

The term “telemedicine” may refer to the online interaction of medical professionals and institutions with patients geographically located in different parts of the world. It is important to maintain high quality and level of interaction in the virtual care sphere. 

Hosting medical conferences has become extremely important because it has made it easy for doctors to observe operations and attend lectures from eminent specialists, while being anywhere in the world, deepening their knowledge and gaining additional experience.


Benefits of Telehealth

Some experts were sceptical about telemedicine: they said that it was only a partial substitute for medical activities in real life. In some ways, they were right, but there’s no need to be in an absolute denial, because telehealth has the main advantage of not being localized and of being able to help patients in remote communities. 

The online format also has many advantages, some of which are:

  • You can help a huge number of patients, including those who do not have access to medical care.
  • To hold conferences and streams for an unlimited number of colleagues.
  • In times of pandemic, it is particularly important to care for and protect oneself from the risk of virus.
  • You don’t need to spend time and money on the road, you can share your knowledge and consult while sitting in your hospital.

Telehealth Fields

The main directions of telemedicine are:

  • Online consultations with patients.
  • Webinar organization.
  • Sharing knowledge with colleagues.
  • Hosting large thematic online conferences.
  • Real-time broadcasts of operations.
  • Online consiliums with colleagues.

Best Video Conferencing Program for Telemedicine

For telehealth, the choice of a platform for communicating with colleagues and patients is fundamental. 

Through the Proficonf video conferencing program you can be sure in privacy and stability of the video session. Moreover, the absence of additional software downloads and work in all popular browsers will help to easily connect the patient and the doctor to the video meeting.

The feature of Live streams will allow you to hold large-scale medical online conferences.


Although virtual care had become an indispensable tool for many professionals, it was difficult to say whether it could replace personal contact in the medical sphere. Studies conducted in the 1970s have shown that telehealth systems with interactive videos, and routine medical care in a doctor’s and patient’s personal contact are mostly similar. 

Modern research supports this conclusion, although these methods are not equivalent.

Through video conferencing, medical staff can go beyond their capabilities to gain new knowledge and experience, regardless of their geographical location. This is undoubtedly a very important step for the entire medical field. 

Discover new ways to help your patients with Proficonf.

Daria Afanasieva