Teleworkers Save Mother Earth and a Great Deal of Money

24 May, 2019
3 min

Since relatively recently teleworking has ceased to be a privilege of stay at home moms and those living far from the office facility. It has become a standard of the contemporary workflow. At least half of the American working population stays at home to work either three days a week or every day.

Let’s find out why you’re still an odd desk jockey and why you should move to remote working?

A variety of industry companies have started offering remote working plans for their new and established employees since some time now. It is no longer “an exception”. Telecommuting statistics have jumped by at least 114% the last year in the USA.

Flexible schedules attract more and more people daily. Industry professionals of all sorts pick new jobs by this criteria.

Truth be told, it has been largely induced by technological developments of sorts: video conferencing solutions, webinars, remote onboarding, refresher training, distant educational courses, you name it. Every bit of business and education processes had been moved into the Internet to everyone’s delight.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the advantages of this seemingly permanent move:

  • simplified career growth
  • reduced employee turnover
  • lower stress levels
  • less time waste for bus and underground rides
  • increased productivity
  • environmentally beneficial.

What does the remote workforce do at home?

Thanks to technological advances and authority agreements employees have moved to their cozy homes. A classic micromanager would probably lose it right here:

  • less oversight
  • production loss risk
  • security concerns
  • lack of teamwork
  • feared client loss.

Nevertheless, statistically, workers feel more content at being more productive, while working from home. They claim that the ability to stick to their homely routines has enabled them to grow professionally, relax more, find more effective working schedules, and boost their own productivity.

With strong communication standards, high working morale and the right balance between management and encouragement, telecommuting programs may actually reach a much bigger success than it seems right of the bat.

With platforms for web-based conferencing and screen sharing like Proficonf, you’re able to increase your professional efficiency, reduce travel costs, spend more time with your family. At the same time, your employer will be saving considerable rental and overhead costs while you’re home working and having your own cup of coffee and your own cookie.

What other benefits are you in for while working from home?

And let’s take a moment to appreciate the plethora of:

  • spots to work
  • meal types
  • drink variety
  • showering option
  • number of pillows to have around
  • a free warm pet by your side.

The worldwide teleworking movement was prompted by strategic statistics on increased revenue, employee number and travel costs for companies around the world. The authorities made a strong decision to move offices into homes as much as possible. To micromanagers’ surprise, the work output, job quality, employee satisfaction grew steadily along with company net income.

Technology has made remote working possible a long time ago. Telecommuting strategies have become an achievement of a recent couple of years.

Let’s face it, what other than communication can solve any problem?

Platforms like Webex, Proficonf, Zoom are the video conferencing solutions that provide quality team collaboration and a variety of advantages:

  1. ability to comfortably work from home
  2. cut travel time and cost
  3. concentrate on specific tasks avoiding the ever-present office ruckus
  4. increase personal professional efficiency due to longer sleeping hours.

At the end of the day, the enormously increasing amount of car and plane gas emissions is astonishing. The great amount still can be avoided thanks to overcoming the need to travel. Imagine all the plane flights missed and all the car rentals we stayed away from!

Tens of companies worldwide saved hundreds of millions by transferring bigger half of their staff to home offices half of the time.

How much money is your company going to save this year using Proficonf, the most technological video conferencing platform?

Tatiana Romanova
Content Architect at Proficonf