The best presentation software in 2020

16 November, 2020
6 min

Getting ready for a videoconference or webinar on Proficonf and you need to create a bright and memorable presentation? In this article, we’ll analyze best 8 software for presentations and review the difference between them.

Every speaker of the event wishes to be heard. Good oral skills are certainly important. But people, by their nature, are better at assimilating information visually. In this case, a good presentation is needed. Any experienced presenter knows the importance of the presentation. But not everyone knows about the services (including the free ones) that save you time and energy when creating presentations.

1. The first and most famous presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint

Power Point
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Price: The cost of this application is included in the full Microsoft Office package, which will cost you from 69.99 USD to 99.99 USD for 12 months of use.


  • availability from any Windows OS computer, as well as for mobile platforms Android and iOS
  • practical convenience and popularity. 20 minutes, 10 slides and 30 fonts are all you need to create a basic PowerPoint presentation   
  • it is possible to work with colleagues on the network
  • rich functionality. With PowerPoint, it is easy to create colorful, attractive designs using standard templates and themes
  • easy to use. It is easy to edit the finished presentation and drag slides to change their order.


  • too “familiar” type of presentation topic
  • a wide range of buttons and functions, difficult for a newbie.

Functionality: program helps to prepare slides where text, pictures, video, tables can be located. PowerPoint allows you to attach audio series. You can define the layout and the transitions between slides. There are also over 300 templates that simplify the process. Functionality implies animation of text on slides.

2. Apple Keynote – PowerPoint’s closest competitor

Price: available for free from Apple devices.


  • 30 topics in the database
  • ability to use custom settings to create slides
  • ability to change the text style
  • apple sync with all compatible devices
  • ready presentation can be exported to PowerPoint.


  • runs only on Apple devices (macOS and iOS platforms). A web version is available for users of other operating systems, but this requires an iCloud account. Besides, the browser version is very limited compared to desktop.
Apple Keynote

Functionality: Apple Keynote is an integrated part of the iWork set. It allows the entire team to work on the project in real-time. Magic Move is a chip of this product, this button moves a group of selected images to the presentation in one click. However, the need for simpler and more accessible presentation software over time has resulted in a wide range of new options.

3. Google Slides

Price: free of charge.


  • can be used on any mobile device or stationary computer
  • there is an offline option (not implemented in practice is not perfect – it is not possible to upload pictures and other media to the offline presentation)
  • possibility of working together on a presentation
  • option to share a presentation with any Google account or link.


  • workflow requires a Google account 
  • there may be performance problems when making big presentations.
Google Slides

Functionality: just as PowerPoint, Google Slides is easy to work with. Nothing complicated, practically anyone can create a clear base presentation from scratch. This service becomes available to the user immediately after registering a Google account. Thanks to the free, wide variety of formatting tools, special effects and professional concise templates, as well as the ability to group-edit a single project, Google Slides is one of the most popular presentation software in the world.

4. Canva

Price: from free to 30 USD per month of use.


  • huge number of templates 
  • material trends
  • simplicity, the design principle.


  • image size cannot be changed
  • limited selection of free templates.

Functionality: The program presents the choice of topics that are more like graphic canvases rather than templates. You can customize them by color, layout, etc. The choice of forms in Canva is great. You can sketch something yourself if you want to.

5. Prezi

Price: You can use the program free of charge with a set of basic features and a limited number of templates. There are also three price levels: standard, plus and premium. The Standard plan without analytics and off-line use is 3 USD per month, Plus plan starts with 7 USD and  Premium rates with a full range of capabilities at 59 USD per month.


  • possible teamwork on the same presentation
  • offline access
  • ability to download slides from Powerpoint and continue with them in Prezi.


  • transitions and animations in Prezi can get out of control and annoy the audience
  • you cannot add audio  
  • completed presentation is very voluminous.

Functionality: With Prezi it is easy to learn, but once you have selected the template, it is impossible to edit it’s contents. Once you’ve created one or two slides, it’s going to be a lot easier, because all the tools are very similar. Josh Schorle Tech has a short guide to working with Prezi.

6. Haiku Deck

Price: from 9.99 USD to 29.99 USD per month of use. 


  • easy interface
  • analytics and tracking lids in premium fare
  • a wide selection of templates and a huge database of photos
  • easy to handle.


  • payment card data must be left even for the trial version
  • limited ability to configure the “own” file
  • impossibility of project teamwork
  • difficulties with Cyrillic fonts
  • limited options for working with diagrams and charts.

Functionality: simple tool, sharpened to create plain and concise presentations. The amount of information on one slide is very limited: a thesis, and picture or a chart. There is an opportunity to share the presentation with others, there is a simple summary of visits to the project. Perfect for those who do not work with presentations every day, but there is an urgent need to prepare one. This video gives a brief overview of the functionality and simplicity of the platform:

7. Zoho show

Price: free of charge.


  • available from the browser, no installation required
  • you can edit the image while preparing the presentation
  • ability to add animations and transitions
  • searching the desired images on the network directly from the application.


  • slower than other services 
  • not enough options for style and topics
  • with Zoho you will not get an extended presentation. The choice of templates, colors and themes is too small.

Here is a short video guide to Zoho Show:

Functionality: this presentation tool is part of Zoho Workplace, similar to iWork. It can be used for free editing, collaborative presentation or offline work on mobile devices. This is a cloud service in which your work is synchronized. Zoho Show allows you to save all work to your hard drive. You can select one of the popular formats of Microsoft Office, Open Office or export the project in PDF format.

8. Visme

Price: starts at 15 USD per month for Standart plan. Students, teachers, non-profit organizations can get an additional discount.


  • wide functionality
  • tablets, icons and sinks, all in abundance
  • large selection of templates
  • easy to use.


  • only three projects are available for free
  • the animation slides in this service do not suit everyone.

Take a look at this Visme explanation video. It will simplify the workflow.

Functionality: the program is enjoyed by many people for it’s simplicity and professional outlook of finished product, even for the beginners. Visme is used for other creations, not only for presentations, but also for infographics, reports, charts. The finished project can be shared online or downloaded to your computer. You can easily animate objects, add links and pop-up windows.


In this article we reviewed features of eight different programs and online presentation services. Some of the solutions presented are much simpler than PowerPoint and Keynote. By selecting one of them, you can spend more time preparing the presentation than learning the functionality of the application.

Practically every modern program gives you the opportunity to work on the project with your team and edit the presentation from any computer or even a mobile device connected to the Internet.

Only you can choose your cup of tea. Spare no time and try a few softwares to determine the most relevant solution for you and master it 100%. It’s definitely a good investment that will benefit your productivity.