The Role of Video Conferencing in Online Learning

1 February, 2021
3 min

With the advent of the quarantine, all educational institutions had to face the problem: how do we teach lessons now? 

Video conferencing has come to the rescue and has become an indispensable tool for effectively educating students and schoolchildren in a pandemic.

Through video conferencing, schools and universities can establish and maintain international links, invite foreign experts for training and share experiences.

Gone are the days when Skype was the only choice for video conferencing, and communication was cut every few minutes.


Older and more complex video conferencing programs require downloads and can be unsafe. They don’t have the tools to fully conduct online lessons and are gradually relegated to the background.

Modern video conferencing and online learning platforms are becoming increasingly popular, where it is possible to work together on a virtual board, display teacher’s and student’s files, manage the roles and devices of all participants. 

Proficonf is one of the most advanced and modern popular platforms for online learning: you simply open the browser and start a lesson! Students don’t even need to sign up – they only have to follow a link, enter a name, and go into a virtual room.

Online Learning

How to Organize Online Learning with Proficonf

The algorithm for organizing a complete online learning course is actually simple if you plan it step by step. 

5 steps to organize a successful lesson:

  1. Make a schedule, set dates and times for the online lessons.
  2. Create scheduled or permanent virtual video conferencing rooms.
  3. Invite students via email invitation or by sharing a link.
  4. Conduct lessons in a virtual room, and use recording.
  5. Share the recording of the lesson with the students for reviewing and consolidation of the material.

The list of required online learning tools:

  1. A document or a spreadsheet in which you can set up a timetable.
  2. Proficonf video conferencing.
  3. Messenger or email for sending links and interacting with students.

Chat Сonference or Video Conferencing?

Usually, students get most of the material via lectures which you can now transform into a webinar. In this case, participants are invited with the role of viewers. This is the only option where students don’t need to turn on the camera and microphone or do the tasks on the virtual board.

Such events are also called chat conferences, where all interaction takes place in a text chat. Students ask questions in a chat room and the lecturer answers.

The most popular format for lessons is video conferencing, where all participants can speak, show videos and display materials.

Some educational institutions have relocated to an online school format and were able to save educational efficiency.


How to Host Online Lessons at Proficonf

So you’ve decided to organize an online lesson, but you don’t know how to do it? 

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how to use Proficonf video conferencing to teach lessons.

To do this, the teacher needs to register on the Proficonf website, then create a virtual classroom, and invite students with the speaker role so that they can turn on the camera and microphone and be full participants in the learning process. 

Take a look at the short video and learn how to host online lessons with Proficonf.


Some teachers still feel uncomfortable with online learning. Partly because of the use of outdated video conferencing software, which is a constant inconvenience.

We recommend Proficonf for online learning. Try it now.

Daria Afanasieva