Video Conferencing API for Online Courses, Schools, Colleges and Universities

11 June, 2021
3 min

The pandemic has negatively affected the vast majority of businesses, as well as changing entire industries, consumer behavior patterns, and the economy as a whole. 

According to the McKinsey consulting company, the educational services market is one of the most affected by the crisis, and traditional education will return to the indicators from the end of 2019, not earlier than six years. 

At the same time, for online education, along with new challenges, the coronavirus also brought new opportunities that even the most experienced EdTech experts could not have predicted at the beginning of this year. 

online education

Online education will become a part of everyone’s life, just like ordering a cab or groceries through mobile apps. This market is expected to grow at a rate of over 18% per year in the next five years — faster than most industries.

Even the world’s most conservative educational institutions have begun to talk about the new reality of online education. For example, Harvard was the first, back in March, to switch all students to distance learning. Such prestigious universities as Oxford and Cambridge are now offering online courses and lectures by their most distinguished professors.

How to Scale Online Learning and Set Up a Quality Learning Process?

With the very fast growth of online training, executives have a lot of questions and issues with scaling.

  1. What is reliable video conferencing software to use?
  2. How to embed video conferencing into an online school or university website? 
  3. How to install a video conferencing system on your own server?

Video conferencing programs on third-party resources usually do not satisfy online school owners, as the entire learning process should take place on their site and nothing should distract the teacher and students. 

When using third-party services for video conferencing, such as Zoom, there are often complaints about security issues and the need to download an application to join the meeting. Downloads take time and are a hindrance to your meeting participants.

The most unpleasant moments are the so-called “trollings” or “pranks“, when unknown users enter a virtual room for training, turn on a microphone, say obscene words, and demonstrate obscene videos.

At the same time, it is very difficult for the teachers to find and block this participant.

zoom video conferencing

To exclude these bad moments – we recommend integrating Proficonf cloud video conferencing into websites, forget about technical problems and concentrate on quality learning and the growth of business!

The use of integrated video conferencing on the website of the online school allows you to improve the quality of knowledge and overall satisfaction of all participants! The teacher schedules lessons, which are displayed in the personal account of each student. All the student needs to do is to go to their personal account and join the lesson.

Integration of Proficonf Cloud Video Conferencing 

Integration of the Proficonf cloud video conferencing system into your website or application with Rest API, iframe, or SDK is a great solution for e-learning. 

We are repeatedly approached by owners and administrators of online schools, universities, and colleges for help after installing video conferencing systems on their own servers. Maintaining and scaling servers, programmer salaries, software support, uninterrupted operation, and support for all browsers and devices are very costly. 

But, even with these high costs, as a rule, it’s not always possible to set up quality video communications and develop all the necessary features. 

Proficonf video conferencing

Proficonf video conferencing platform allows you to focus on the growth of your business and increase your profits.

For integrations, email or book a consultation with a specialist. We can help you integrate and implement a simple, reliable, and functional video conferencing system.