Video Conferencing Software for Business

9 February, 2021
3 min

How do you imagine a business meeting? I’m sure you immediately imagined having lunch with a colleague at the café, where you discuss important issues in parallel. However, the world has changed, and such situations are most often shown only in movies. 

In fact, most of the business communications went online. This was particularly affected by quarantine and global pandemics – health and safety first, but life goes on and you need to be able to solve problems remotely.

Why Audio Calls or Correspondence Cannot Replace a Video Conferencing? 

Video conferencing for business has become a new way to increase the efficiency and speed of online decision-making. 

It has been proved that more than 80 percent of the information in personal communication we get is non-verbal, thanks to the reading of gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact with the person we speak to. Consequently, without visual communication, we lose the quality and effectiveness of communication. That’s why video conferencing became the most important tool for business communication during the pandemic.


For What Business Tasks will Video Conferencing be Suitable?

Are you involved in business and value every minute of your time? Run the remote team? All right, meet to discuss important issues using the video conferencing service, with no extra time to select the meeting venue and fees. Chats and cell phone conversations will not be as effective as video conferencing.

Video conferencing can be used in business for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Negotiating and showcasing products to your customers.
  • Hiring interviews and HR training.
  • Meetings and discussions.
  • Collaborations with employees.

Video conferencing also has several advantages even over live communication:

  • You can hold several meetings in a row without being in a hurry.
  • Video calls with colleagues from anywhere in the world.
  • Show presentations and materials, reinforce your thoughts with examples.
  • Connect an unlimited number of people to the event.

Use the Best Video Conferencing Software for Business

Fortunately, the days when Skype for Business was the only option for video conferencing are over and outdated programs have been replaced by modern solutions. 

One of the best video conferencing platforms for business is Proficonf. It is suitable for video conferencing, webinars, and live streaming for small and medium-sized businesses where there is no need to install complex and expensive VCS systems. The program works in all popular browsers, even from mobile devices. 

Proficonf is perfect for business, which appreciates the ease of use, quality, and a wide range of modern tools for online collaboration.

Use functions such as: 

  • Screen sharing, program window, or browser tab.
  • Whiteboard.
  • Demonstrating presentations, pictures, and audio/video files by the host and all participants.
  • Collaborative work on the integrated Miro board.
  • Displaying Youtube video.
  • Role assignment for participants: moderator, presenter, audience.
  • Live Streaming on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Restream.
  • Multistreaming.
  • Video recording up to 24 hours continuously.

Especially for businesses, we are developing Proficonf Video API integrations with websites and apps to help you improve the customer experience.


Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, video conferencing was an indispensable tool for communicating with colleagues, clients, and employees, helping to maintain the effectiveness of the company in any environment. 

Nowadays, video communication has become the only way to interact effectively on any subject. 

Start using Proficonf for efficient business communication.

Daria Afanasieva